Taskmonk Provides a Centralised Labeling Platform for eCommerce Enterprises


Bengaluru, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2021 -- Taskmonk is a company that provides AI companies with a data labeling platform to build data together with labeling partners of their choice. Clients can use their platform to create intuitive workflows, automate their processes using the power of AI to assign tasks efficiently, and enhance data quality with preventative QC. Their platform works efficiently with all kinds of data to help clients get the data they need to train game-changing Retail AI applications. The company has worked with the best names in the e-commerce industry to develop a platform that meets clients' unique needs.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, "Data labeling can be time-consuming, but it is important to balance labeling speed with efficiency and quality. This is because poor quality data labeling leads to flawed AI systems. Establishing a quality rubric and quality assurance process helps reliably produce quality AI training data. It is important to note that in e-commerce, data labeling empowers enterprises to provide a better customer experience, better inventory management, optimizing price, providing better support, and provide more efficient supply chain processes. To learn more, clients can contact us."

Looking for AI data labeling service? Taskmonk offers businesses a highly scalable, flexible, and reliable platform for data labeling. They provide time-saving data labeling tools for e-commerce AI teams. Their platform lets clients create efficient workflows and intuitive UI using a drag-and-drop builder, update their tasks whenever they need to and deploy them instantly to the teams that need them. Furthermore, they let clients securely manage all of their e-commerce data labeling teams in one place, whether they're in-house, third-party, or a combination of both. In this case, clients can set their own allocation rules to assign tasks or use the company's AI allocation algorithm to help them optimize processes to save time and money.

Responding to an inquiry on how Taskmonk service assists companies in achieving their business goals, the company spokesperson said, "Companies today need to develop and deploy AI applications for several business processes across the organization. Generating labeled datasets is a key constraint for developing real-world AI applications. At Taskmonk, we empower businesses to build high-quality datasets for AI models enterprise-scale with expert teams. Organizations can control, manage, and optimize the supply of annotated data to their AI models with us. Our proprietary algorithms, embedded AI, UI scripting engine, enhances productivity and quality, providing teams the opportunity to generate larger datasets at the same budget."

Also, Taskmonk's platform gives clients all the tools they need to improve their label data accuracy and keep tabs on all their labeling teams. They can choose to use the QC method that fits, create strategic sampling rules, and even error-proof a data labeling task at the point of entry. The company has also designed its platform to integrate smoothly with clients' pre-trained AI models. Their platform also has prebuilt connectors, and thus, clients can connect their Taskmonk data to models with AWS, Alibaba, Azure, and Baidu with a click. So, for the best data labeling platform, clients should consider contacting the company.

About Taskmonk
Taskmonk is among the top AI data labeling companies providing a unified data labeling platform built for AI-driven enterprise e-commerce teams. They feature proprietary tools to help clients' accelerate labeling speed while also improving data quality.

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