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Truth About Abs Review Site Teaches Readers How to Attain the Perfect Set of Abs


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Many weight loss programs and diets emphasize the importance of losing belly fat and strengthening abdominal muscles. According to diet and fitness website Idealbite.com, abs are simple to obtain—it just takes commitment, focus, and energy.

Individuals looking to start their fitness journey have recently started consulting http://www.truthaboutabsreviewd.com/, a new website that is best known for their health product reviews. Truth about Abs Reviewd also publishes informative articles about a variety of subjects, such as how to get a six pack fast and the best fat burning exercises. The website is dedicated to bringing their readers the latest information in the diet and exercise world, especially because some sources can be misleading.

“The abdomen is perhaps the most difficult muscle group to sculpt, and although there are workouts that have been proven to be effective, there are still many more that do not really provide the right information and instruction,” states an article on Truth About Abs Reviewd. “Even some of those who claim to be experts in abdominal workout and training have limited knowledge of this subject.”

The website is best known for its extensive review of “The Truth About Abs,” an e-book written by nutrition specialist and certified fitness trainer Mike Geary. Geary’s book is considered one of the most solid abs fitness e-books on the Internet, and has been generally praised for its ability to teach people how to sculpt their body.

In the review, Truth About Abs Reviewd breaks down the program step by step. The website tells readers what the book has to offer, provides them with an excerpt of what the book contains, and explains the hype behind the program. Truth About Abs Review also provides the downsides of the program before offering a final verdict.

Individuals interested in learning more about the Truth About Abs system can visit Truth About Abs Reviewd for more information.

About Truth About Abs Reviewd
Truth About Abs Reviewd is a new website that aims to help men and women on their quest to perfectly sculpted six-pack abs. It delves deep into Mike Geary's “Truth About Abs” book, with a unique perspective on the program. Truth About Abs Reviewd offers extensive reviews of products and plans to their readers. For more information, please visit http://www.truthaboutabsreviewd.com