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Web Developers and Editors Look to cmsanalysis.com for CMS-Related Advice and Insights


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Digital experiences dominate today’s market, which is why it is crucial for businesses and entrepreneurs to possess a complete understanding of content management systems (CMS). With the launch of cmsanalysis.com, web developers and web editors can now stay up-to-date on the latest developments in CMS solutions, as well as receive valuable advice on topics like secure web hosting, learning modules, and new software.

CMS systems enable companies to publish, edit, modify, and share content across digital channels, making it easier for companies to manage their websites. There are two types of CMS systems: a proprietary CMS and an Open Source CMS. A proprietary system, also known as a Closed Source system, is only accessible to the site’s administrator. With an Open Source system, however, any company employee can modify the site’s content without relying on IT. Websites with a Closed Source system are usually more secure than Open Source systems, but they lack the ease of use that Open Source systems are renowned for.

According to a recent blog post on the Harvard Business Review’s website, the benefits of having an Open Source system outweigh the risks, specifically concerns about demand and security. The blog post praised its CMS made simple design. By encouraging collaboration through and Open Source platform, a company can improve site performance while reducing costs. In short, an Open Source system is integral to a company’s success.

At cmsanalysis.com, both technical and non-technical users can learn more about the advantages of using an Open Source system. Advantages include greater flexibility and affordability. The site also provides advice on how to select a reputable website hosting platform, such as checking for regular security updates and bandwidth capability.

Unfamiliar with cloud hosting services? http://www.cmsanalysis.com provides users with information on its scalability and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing cloud hosting services, a company can expand its website without inadvertently causing its server to crash. Additionally, a company can reduce costs by paying only for services provided by the cloud hosting system— another instance of CMS made simple.

Experienced developers possess a strong understanding of CMS software, but non-technical users are less knowledgeable when it comes to burgeoning technologies. Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming increasingly popular among companies because of its easy administration, patch management, and automatic updates. www.cmsanalysis.com can help users become more comfortable overseeing websites powered by SaaS and other complex software programs.

CMS systems empower companies to create unique, content-rich websites, and although these systems are becoming more intuitive, some questions remain. With http://www.cmsanalysis.com, companies now have a resource for all things CMS-related. Regardless of whether it is a question about coding, SEO best practices or social sharing, http://www.cmsanalysis.com has the answer.

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