0-6 Pack Abs - New Program by Tyler's Ab Training Program Released


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- 0-6 Pack Abs is a full workout program focused on getting one's abdominal muscles and entire core tight, toned and strong. Not only does it promise to deliver an effective method to develop the look and definition of a healthy core, it also aims to create a strong and supportive core for all users. In a full review of the workout, Stephanie Malroy examined whether or not the program would deliver for all users and in doing so she did highlight some negatives.

"The 0-6 Pack Abs program actually is a surprisingly solid and well researched program. However, I must say that some may be disappointed after purchasing if they have let themselves believe that this is some magic-pill program. In the end, yes it does work but it does require consistency and commitment. Anyone telling you otherwise is flat out wrong," reports Stephanie Malroy.

The exercise program stresses that for most, their core isn't working properly to be fully developed and that most are using the wrong exercises. 0-6 Pack Abs includes several different items that make up the entire program. In these, one is taught that traditional exercises and advice are not only limiting the results seen but also damaging the body, causing back pain, bad posture and even digestive issues. The main components of the program include the following:


The Evolution of Core Training (main 0-6 Pack Abs manual)
Quick Start Video Guide
Exercise Video Library
Level 1 Manual Video & MP3
Level 2 Manual Video & MP3
Level 3 Manual Video & MP3
Level 4 Manual Video & MP3

In addition to the main components, the program also contains a handful of bonuses for the early adopters:

Phase 2 - 56 Follow Along Micro Progression Ab Workouts
Levels 1-14 Manuals, Videos and follow along MP3's
3 Bodyweight workouts
72 Hour Gut Inflammation Solution

"There is no doubt that Dr. Vegher and Tyler Bramlett went all out on this program. It's the most comprehensive ab training program that I've ever seen," admits Malroy. "What I'm most excited about though, is the phase 2 videos. The 50+ micro-progression videos teach you how to get progressively stronger and they continue to progressively develop the abs even more than I expected."

About 0-6 Pack Abs System
0-6 Pack Abs from fitness specialist Tyler Bramlett is a movie ab exercise system which claims to be capable to aid persons develop toned or six pack abs.