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$0 Debt Education Offers the Cheapest Post Bankruptcy Course in America, with Online Learning

$0 Debt Education offers the nationally approved course at the cheapest price available anywhere in the US.


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Bankruptcy is a difficult time for anyone, especially those with families. After the ordeal of filing for bankruptcy, many individuals wish to simply move forward with their lives. Despite this, there is a legal requirement to attend a post bankruptcy course that must be attended and paid for. This unsurprisingly creates obstacles for those who need to get back to work and spend money on more urgent needs. $0 Debt Education has solved this problem for thousands by providing an approved online alternative for less than nine dollars.

$0 Debt Education offer the cheapest debtor education course currently available in the country, and have done so since 2009, nationally approved by the Department of Justice. The Post Filing Bankruptcy course is a legal requirement, but the company understands those who need it cannot afford more expensive outgoings, and have priced their course at just $8.95.

The course will allow users to receive a bankruptcy certificate within just two hours of completing the course, whereupon it can be emailed to both the individual and to their attorney. The course is completed online, and can be done in one or many sittings at the users convenience, making it cheap, flexible and effective.

A spokesperson for $0 Debt Education explained, “Our priority is helping to get bankrupt people and families back on their feet and out in the world again. Our online course can be completed at the user’s convenience, so they can go out and work a shift then study the course at night, instead of having to book time away from work when they can least afford to do so. It’s also priced more affordably than any other alternative because we understand that taking money from people in financial difficulty is not the way to help them. The course will give them everything they need to move forward into a life of financial responsibility and prosperity.”

About $0 Debt Education
$$0 Debt Education, LLC is a nationally approved vendor for the debtor education financial management course. Since 2009 they have been the lowest cost provider online. Their acclaimed professionals are committed to providing clients with the most effective, practical, and proven planning and information to set them and their families on a course of financial security and prosperity with their personal financial management course. For more information, please visit: http://0debteducation.com/