0800-company.com Unveils New App That Makes Any 0800 Calls Free

This all-new app for free enquiries has made it more convenient


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2017 -- All business related enquiry number 0800 was free of cost for landline users before 1st July 2015. However, it had become a challenge post this date. With the introduction of the all new app for 0800 number, mobile phone users can easily call up this number and get information on any business related topics for free. In the earlier days, mobile service providers charged 41 pence for each call. To save callers from these charges, the 0800 free mobile app has been introduced.

This app works on Android and iOS devices where customers can dial 0800 and 0500 for free. This free mobile app can be downloaded and saved on phones for convenience. Users can make the most of the same without downloading this software.

This is how it works. The dialing app for free 0800 calls would assign a 01, 02 or 03 number to dial in its place. The software then ensures that the call will go where it should – business the users are calling in the first place. It would then be covered by the inclusive minutes or be charged as a standard geographical number if the user has used up all his or her inclusive minutes.

Based on the comments of a recent user, "Now using 0800 number on my mobile is relative simple and free of costs. I had downloaded the app earlier but now dialing these inquiry numbers are not chargeable anyway. So I think this is a superb idea. I never had any problems downloading the free app whatsoever. Now I think this is even better. There is no need to download this app on the phone when the inquiry number 0800 and 0500 are completely free of charge. This is just what I required."

Mobile phone users can directly dial 0800 from the phones without downloading this app. No additional charges will be incurred while using this number. This has further simplified the usage of the inquiry number 0800.

To know more about this app and free 0800 number, log on to the website: http://0800-company.com/mobile-app-0800-calls/

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