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Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2017 -- A 0800 Call Setup is nothing but a beneficial solution for businesses. In case the customers have to make an enquiry, they would not think twice before making that 0800 call because it is free. That is one of the best ways to get the customers to make a call to that number. The chances, that companies can improve their business with every call, are more. http://0800-company.com/cost-calls-0800-numbers/ is one such site that offers useful information on 0800 numbers, the advantages of setting up that number and its cost effectiveness.

Free for customers – A free call is the first motivating factor for customers to make the call. From a simple enquiry to registering with the company, customers will be allowed to do that for free. When companies have this free call setup, customers will not hesitate to call the companies. This will improve the relationship and communication between the businesses and their clients/ customers.

Call Automation – Companies can automate their incoming calls with 0800 numbers. The automated system will help customers connect through appropriate departments. They don't have to wait for the customer care representatives to redirect the customer calls from one department to another. Companies can also cut down on the productive hours of their representatives, which are usually wasted on redirecting such calls.

Reducing Costs – Companies can reduce their overall costs by simply upgrading or getting one 0800 number for all purposes. Many businesses get different numbers (084, 087, 09 & 118) for various in-house campaigns such as sales, marketing or promotion. But with a single 0800 number businesses can run all their campaigns with the help of automation.

Personalize the Number – A 0800 number can also be personalized according to the nature of business. For instance, a fashion boutique can simply upgrade to 0800 FASHION. It is not only easy for the customers to remember the number but the businesses can also personalize their brand.

Gain Trust – It is very important for companies to get their customers to trust them. The 0800 numbers offers that advantage to the businesses. When they see a 0800 extension, customers know that they are talking to a genuine company.

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