PR Apex Reveals How to Get a No-Toll Non-Geographical Number in the UK is an informative website centred on the matter of obtaining and using the 0800 non-geographical numbers in the United Kingdom.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- The recently released website provides all the existing information on how to obtain, how long it takes, what are the expenses and how to choose the provider and package concerning 0800 numbers, also known as cost less non-geographical ones.

Companies and individuals will find 0800 numbers to buy explained on the website, which also offers an analysis and a review of these NGNs. At the given web address, readers will come across everything one needs to know in order to acquire one of these numbers, which are not assigned to any specific location and are free to call from anywhere.

The 0800 numbers UK services are not related to any specific geographical areas and are regulated by the Office of Communication. These do not demand an area code, as all the other numbers do (the geographical ones). They are not entirely cost less, however. The owner of such number (or the call receiver) will have to pay for the service, while the caller does not.

The website informs on how anyone may buy 0800 numbers for land lines, for national and international mobiles, voicemail boxes, as well as VOIP services. Businesses acquire such numbers because they have many benefits, which are discussed on the website. Their clients find it much easier to contact the company this way and find their answers or express their demands. The organization is easier to reach and looks more professional. and how these are different from the rest of the non-geographical phone numbers in the country.

The difference between making a call from a land line and from a mobile network is also explained. Moreover, readers are instructed on how to choose between the different packages offered by providers, some of these being more economical than the others. Further information includes details on call diverting, package included minutes, alternative numbers and more.

About is an informative website centered on the matter of obtaining and using the 0800 non-geographical numbers in the United Kingdom.

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