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1, 4-Butane Sultone Market Research Report - Forecast 2017–2025

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2018 -- Global 1, 4-butane sultone Market: Introduction
1, 4-butane sultone is a sulfo-alkylating agent and has a weak carcinogenic activity. It is a six membered ?-sultone and a cyclic ester of 4-hydroxybutanesulfonic acid. It comes under heterocycles, sulfur & selenium compounds and, intermediates chemical category. 1, 4-butane sultone is also referred to as 1,2-Oxathiane 2,2-Dioxide; 1,4-Butane Sultone; NSC 71999; Butane Sultone; ?-Valerosultone; 4-Hydroxy-1-butanesulfonic Acid ?-Sultone; ?-Butane Sultone. 1, 4-butane sultone is clear colorless to yellowish transparent liquid. It works as an intermediate of the organic sulfonation agent. In synthetic chemistry 1, 4-butane sultone is used as an alkylating agent.

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Also, for electroplating intermediate 1, 4-butane sultone is used as a raw material. In addition to this, 1, 4-butane sultone is a homologue of 1, 3-propane sultone and finds application in surface active agents/surfactants, active pharmaceutical ingredients, photographic materials, lithium battery and, others. 1, 3-propane sultone and 1, 4-butane sultone are both main chemical intermediates, which are used for the synthesis of sensitizing dyes/ azo dyes, anionic Gemini surfactants, and secondary lithium ion solution. 1, 4-butane sultone is used in wood preservatives and is soluble in chloroform and methanol and is hardly soluble in water. 1, 4-butane sultone reacts under boiling water and is hazardous in nature. It is moisture sensitive is incompatible with strong bases and oxidizing agents.

Global 1, 4-butane sultone Market: Dynamics

The global demand for electric vehicles is expected to surge in the future. Owing to the penetration towards electric vehicles and electronic devices the demand for 1, 4-butane sultone is expected to boost. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles the 1, 4-butane sultone demand is expected to witness a significant growth in the automobile sector. The market for the lithium ion batteries is growing as there is an increasing use of digital camera, smartphones, power tools, tablets, PCs and, others which ultimately drives the 1, 4- butane sultone's market globally.

The increasing demand for efficient, rapid-acting drugs, advancements in biologics, increase in number of chronic diseases, introduction of innovative drugs manufacturing facilities, aging population are the key drivers for the active pharmaceutical ingredients thus creating growth opportunities for 1, 4-butane sultone in the global market.

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Sustainability is the trend for the global 1, 4-butane sultone market. The rising awareness towards safety, recycling & reuse of materials and, reduction in manufacturing cost are some of the trends followed in the 1, 4-butane sultone market globally.

The risk of fire owing to its hazardous properties would act as a restraint in the global market. The complexity in manufacturing, financial instability and regulatory norms are other restraining factors hampering the growth of 1, 4-butane sultone in the global market. Though the increasing investments in the research and development activities for manufacturing surfactants would create growth opportunities for 1, 4-butane sultone in the global market.

Global 1, 4-butane sultone Market: Region-wise Outlook

There has been a rapid growth in the use of 1, 4-butane sultone into the market. The 1, 4-butane sultone is been benefited from larger economies, such as Europe and the U.S. The electronics/electrical industry observed a slight growth in Europe, whereas demand in shipping construction has declined in Western Europe, for instance, in Scandinavia. However, the 1, 4-butane sultone holds a fair market share in the European market. The emerging economies, such as Asia, and the countries involved in exports are doing much better than others. In these emerging regions, the growth of 1, 4-butane sultone is observed mostly in the construction and automobile sector.

Global 1, 4-butane sultone Market: Key Players

Some of the key players identified in the Global 1, 4-butane sultone market are B&S Group, HOPAX, Shanghai Danfan Network Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Merck KGaA, Brunschwig Chemie, Alfa Aesar, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Stratech Scientific Limited, Charkit Chemical Company LLC, TCI Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd and, others.

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