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1 in 5 Taking Hay Fever Medication Involved in Accidents Due to Drowsiness


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- A new report released by Kwik-Fit Insurance has revealed that more than one in five drivers taking hay fever medication (out of 2002 interviewed) had been involved in an accident, due to the side effects of the drug. A further 16 per cent said they had experienced side effects, but had not had an accident. Up to half of the people surveyed, said that hay fever medication made them drowsy, with some even stating that it had led to blurred vision or 'impaired thinking'.

Throughout the summer, hay fever and allergies become difficult for many members of the public, and this news will come as a shock and a warning to many. The implications could be huge, as roads and motorways are also filled at this time of year with people going on excursions with their family or friends. The survey concluded by suggesting that drivers should take note of high pollen counts as much as they would of wet roads or high winds.

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The Accident Team are legal experts in the field of accidents and injuries. They are also regular observers and commentators on industry news and were eager to comment on the latest survey results. A spokesperson said, "It is certainly worrying that such a high proportion of people have been involved in car accidents due to the effects of medication, which drivers are often taking as routine, when it comes to their allergies. We support the advice of the survey and suggest that drivers take note of high pollen counts and prepare accordingly if they feel that the side effects of their medication could mean they would not be fit to drive. Drivers likely to be affected by the medication should not put themselves at risk, as they inevitably put other innocent road users at risk too. Unfortunately, accidents do seem to be a part of life, but where they can be prevented they should be. Anyone involved in an accident of this sort should consider their legal options, if they believe they weren't at fault. The right legal support can alleviate some of the irritation and upheaval which can come from being in an unexpected accident. Our friendly team is always on hand to give you advice on this matter.'

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