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1% Listing Commissions by Elite Team Alliance Allow Sellers 60% in Savings

California Real Estate company gives rising commission rates the boot by introducing 1% listing commissions for buyers and sellers


Newark, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- The realtors at the California real estate company Alliance Bay Realty's Elite Team now offer 1% commission listings for sellers. This is a vast change from commission rates that are being charged by other brokers who charge 3% to 2% to sell properties.

The Californian real estate market is subject to trends which might compel most real estate companies to charge 6% commissions for listing properties. Elite Team's insistence on charging no more than 1% in commissions for listings might prove to be a welcome change especially for buyers and sellers who are trying to save in a tough economy.

Sellers depend on brokers to post their listings on broker databases for a few hundred dollars each month. When asked how the low rates would appeal to mortgage holders and buyers, a spokesperson from the realty had this to say, "Sellers are taking a more active role in the buying process now more than ever. Why would sellers want to pay more in commissions when they can save more by paying their brokers only 1% in listings?"

The spokesperson also adds that most California real estate companies are charging 3% commission rates for listing properties. However sellers prefer realtors who can offer them lower rates. The preference for a more hands-on approach to the selling process is also why most sellers would rather settle for services that will allow them to control the reins and charge them less for listings.

According to broker Dave Dawar Lodin from Alliance Bay realty, "The standard 6% commission is out a long time ago." The broker also adds that some real estate agents are still insistent on charging 6% commissions depending on fluctuating market trends. However, as the spokesperson from Elite Team Alliance puts it, such a trend will be short lived considering seller behavior.

About Alliance Bay Realty's Elite Team
The brokers at Alliance Bay Realty have a customer's best interests at heart. The real estate firm offers specialized services for sellers who like to adopt a personalized approach to the selling process. Unlike other services of the type a broker at Alliance Bay Realty's Elite Team will not require more than a 1% commission rate for listings no matter what the current state of the real estate market is. The real estate brokerage allows customers to sell their homes for 1% listing commissions with experienced realtors.

For more information about the California real estate company please refer to the following - Visit: http://www.EliteTeamAlliance.com or Call 1-888-976-4557

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