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#1 Online Marketing Company of USA, ETech 7 Inc Announces Tips to Set Up a Computer Network


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- #1 online marketing company of the US, ETech 7 Inc. announces tips to set up a computer network. With so many variables involved in the process, it can be daunting, particularly if a person and most of his employees do not have an IT background. From the very beginning of their network design and implementation phase, one needs to consider several important variables. As he begins the process of understanding network security, he will need to know at least enough to understand what his business needs to keep in-house versus what it needs to outsource.

“As the scale of your network grows larger and you anticipate your business becoming more complex, the early "jury rigged" systems you may have been able to get away with early on will no longer be enough. To allow your employees to share information effectively with more employees potentially working on the same projects, the growing pains begin when you have as few as three people in your company. While network management services may not be a necessity at that scale, you will find that maintaining solid communications will begin to grow in difficulty. By the time your business's number of employees reaches three digits, it will be an immense logistical challenge regardless of how it may appear.” Said Emil Isanov, CEO at ETech 7 Inc.

Naturally, keeping everyone in the company up to date with virus protection and firewalls is important. As well, IT education is a component of a company's training that will be as valuable as email etiquette or lead generation. However, the quality of network is just as important as getting the employees to use common sense and discipline when they use the network.

Keeping a network properly functional is not a full time job. It is several people's full time jobs, and one needs to either allocate enough funding in his budget for both hardware and the right people or he will suffer the consequences. In order to keep the corporate network safe and operational despite the problems that will occur at some point, he needs to carefully consider his needs, his resources and where both are likely to be several years down the line.

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