#1 Workout Album Creates New Genre of Music


Mill Neck, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Acclaimed motivational speaker, Jaret Grossman, released a motivational music album after teaming up with professional musician Nick Goldston. During its first week of launch, the album, It’s All on You, catapulted to the #1 most downloaded album in the iTunes “Fitness & Workout” category amongst thousands of other albums.

Grossman is the co-owner of Muscle Prodigy LLC, a premier health and fitness brand. Besides operating a successful fitness website and product line, Grossman created a YouTube channel to publish his motivational speeches. The MuscleProdigyTV YouTube channel has over 18 million total views with thousands of comments per video. Grossman believed that expanding his speeches from a YouTube channel to a music album would fulfill an untapped niche and create a new musical genre.

“Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Nick Vujici and Arnold Schwarzenegger are some of the best motivational speakers in the world. However, there’s one thing missing from their speeches: music. Our album gives you the best of both worlds. Beats that fire you up and inspirational speeches that send shivers down your spine. To give you an analogy, my album is a cross between Tony Robbins and Eminem. There’s nothing like this, we are the first of its kind.”

Over two years ago, Grossman gave his first speech off a tape recorder driving home from the gym. His friend needed some motivational advice so he decided to make a recording for him. Nothing was rehearsed; Grossman did it all on one take, giving tips on work ethic and success. After his friend told him how much the speech changed his life, Grossman decided to publish it to YouTube thinking he would be lucky enough to get a few thousands views. That speech, “The Best Motivation”, has over 9 million uploads on YouTube, making it one of the most popular videos on the website.

“I am getting so many emails and phone calls from athletes, parents, teachers, coaches and even psychologists who found my album so inspiring. A football coach told me he plays my speeches for his team on every gameday. A teacher played one of my YouTube videos for her students. I even met a parent who told me my speeches inspired her daughter to get straight A’s after almost failing out of school. This album is the next step in expanding my principles of work ethic, success and failure. Every person is special but hasn’t reached his or her full potential. My motive with this album is to get individuals to take disciplined action every day. There are no shortcuts in life. There is no secret formula to greatness other than an unparalleled work ethic and laser beam focus on a consistent basis. This album will change your perspective. I guarantee it,” said Grossman.

It’s All on You is now available in the iTunes store:



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