10 Things I Love About CRM 2011

The best features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2011 -- I’m sure you’ve heard almost as much news and speculation about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as you’ve heard about “taking your business to the cloud.” Behind all the talk and fancy catchphrases, there is a lot of real value to implementing the new CRM. Here are 10 hard and fast reasons your company should take a closer look.

1. Sales Activity: You can see who your sales team is spending time with, and track important communications made to customers across team members. CRM makes it easy for the sales team to track activities such as visit, emails, or phone calls. You can automatically tag emails from Outlook so that they appear in a customer and contact’s history in CRM. What’s the real benefit here? If you have several different people contacting the same account, CRM will pool all avidity relating to that one account together.

2. New Business Opportunities: You can track new opportunities and see which ones you are winning and which ones you are not. By tracking opportunities, you can track win rates. On lost deals, you can track the competitor you lost to or reasons for the loss. Why would you do this? You can learn from your mistakes and take steps to minimize repeats.

3. Product Introduction: You can manage the complex process of bringing new product ideas to market quickly. If your business continually brings new products to market, it can be a complex process to manage. Formulize your stage or milestone process such as cost approval, nutritional approval, art work approval, and taste approval. You can also capture customer feedback, establish workflows to inform team members and track your funnel to predict the impact on revenue.

4. Marketing: You can execute your marketing investments better, tying results to campaign costs. However you spend money on marketing campaigns or events, CRM will help you organize the process. Tie and distribute leads to a specific campaign so you can measure what’s working and what isn’t.

5. Consumer Inquiry: You can better track comments or concerns coming from consumers. If your company publishes email or phone numbers for consumer inquiries, CRM will let you manage these inquiries and the process. Escalate critical food safety issues quickly assigning activity to the correct team members, track insurance claim processes, or your appreciative customers who just have great things to say about your products.

6. Social Media: You can tie your twitter and facebook initiatives together, tracking key followers and make them evangelists for my business. No matter which forms of social media you chose to utilize, CRM can help you track your traffic and influence.

7. Sales Dashboards: You can have an overview of your sales results presented graphically in a format that you can easily share with all employees. Display critical sales metrics graphically for all employees to see.

8. Mobile: You can get all of this stuff over my smartphone from anywhere in the world. Inherent mobile functionality allows you to publish as much information as you would like to a mobile site optimized for smartphones.

9. Bragging Rights: You can make your Fortune 500 CEO buddy envious that you did all this for pennies on the dollar. CRM is available in the Cloud; it’s always on and always available so that you don’t require any new hardware to configure. Licensing each CRM user is much more cost effective in the Cloud.

10. With all this great information available, you can run your business from the beach! We saved the most convincing argument for last.

Marc DiGiorgio
VP JustFoodERP