10 Things Startups Should Know Before Choosing an Ecommerce Software

For all the businesses that sell products and/or services, an ecommerce platforms is important to capitalize on this outstanding online sales growth.


Northbrook, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2021 -- Ecommerce has been increasing progressively in attractiveness for the last few years. Online sales grew up nearly 10% in 2020 across the world and are foreseen to only grow in the future. For all the businesses that sell products and/or services, an ecommerce platforms is important to capitalize on this outstanding online sales growth. While businesses could always hire a web developer to get their business started, those expenses can hinder their ability to grow quickly. Opting for an already-developed ecommerce platforms saves a lot of time as well as money. Below mentioned are the factors to be considered while choosing an best ecommerce platforms:

Things Startups Should Know Before Choosing an Ecommerce Software

Pricing and Payment

The primary thing to be considered when choosing an ecommerce platforms is the price. Whether it is a small business just starting up or an established brick and mortar company moving online, they need to know precisely what they will be paying. Almost all platforms have a monthly payment. Based on the kind of platform, the expenses may vary.


Another important factor to be considered while searching for ecommerce platforms is their integrations and plugins. Maximum number of platforms, such as Shopify, will have sufficient amount of tools for the business. Business needs will be a decisive factor when determining the plugins that will work the best for you. When looking at dissimilar platforms, businesses should think of what tools they need or already use for their business.

SEO Friendliness

Ecommerce platforms are not excused from working on their SEO betterment. In fact, it can be extremely helpful to have the store rank better in search results. Businesses want their customers to find them when they are searching for products like theirs.

Mobile Friendliness

More than half of the searches are done from mobile devices. Every so often, those searches remain on to a buyer from a mobile device. This means it is significant to look for platforms that enable customers to effortlessly access their website as well as make a purchase on their mobile device.

Customer Service

An important feature of any business is its customer service. As the experience delivered by traditional brick-and-mortar companies is based on a physical store, they normally have more control over how effortlessly their business runs. Ecommerce is an entirely different sport; software outages and server stoppages are regular and out of control, which will stop any of the customers from retrieving their business. Chances are that at one point, the servers will crash at the worst likely moment. This can affect both the business revenue as well as the brand image.


No customer wants to enter their credit card info on a vague website, which is why security is becoming one of the main concerns amongst consumers. While most software today offer robust security as standard, businesses should always check to make sure their platform supports HTTPS/SSL for a safe and secure checkout for their customers.


All business proprietors hope their business will develop in the future, but they may not know to what degree. However, it is significant to look for a platform that will scale along with their business.

Technical Support

For fresh ecommerce businesses, technical support for their selected platform has huge value for their business. Some platforms merely offer support during business hours in their time zone, and some other platforms offer 24/7 support.


The theme describes the design of an online store. A huge number of best ecommerce software offer a diversity of themes to pick from. Some themes are free of charge with the subscription, while others are premium and need an additional charge to use. These premium themes will often set your website apart, making it a unique shopping experience for your customers. If the ecommerce software only offers a few free themes, customers could find themselves with a case of déjà vu.

Payment Options

While several of the bigger shopping cart platforms provide a diversity of payment options, others may only offer a narrow selection. For example, not all platforms provide digital wallet solutions such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. These might be choices that businesses are not eager to sacrifice. Digital wallets are one of the quickest and simplest ways to pay for goods online, as needing the customers to get up to go find their credit card may cost a sale. Simplifying impulse acquisitions is one of the advantages of online sales. If a business sells globally, it may also need to offer payment choices for international purchases as well.

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