National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

10 Tips for a Food Safe 4th of July

Are you getting ready for an Independence Day picnic? Make sure you read these food safety tips from National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- Independence Day is right around the corner, and you know what the means: Going to a party where your dad sets off an obscene amount of less-than-legal fireworks, your sister complains about the hot sun and how her sweaty fingers make it harder to text her friends, and your uncle undercooks all of the hamburgers and tries to serve you potato salad that he left out since that morning. Well, we can’t help you with your bratty sister and we might have to report your dad to the authorities, but there’s one thing we can definitely help you with: The burgers and potato salad! Share this article with Uncle Eddie and tell him to get his act together if he wants to be grillmaster again this year!


1. WASH YOUR HANDS. You have a lot going on at the party, and you probably don’t have a sink outside, but ESPECIALLY if you are handling burgers/hot dogs/chicken or other meat, you NEED to wash your hands.

2. Finished cooking the burgers and looking to bring out the lettuce, onions, Brussels sprouts, beets, and anchovies and other weird burger toppings (seriously, why are you putting that stuff on your burger)? KEEP RAW FOOD SEPARATE FROM COOKED FOOD.

3. You want to look like a prepared host so you should set out all of your food on the picnic table, sitting in the 98 degree heat an hour before everyone gets there right? Please, no! KEEP HOT FOOD HOT AND COLD FOOD COLD. Keep your potato salad and cut melons in a tupperware that’s stored in a cooler packed with ice.

4. USE A THERMOMETER. While it may seem impressive to cook your meat based on the juice color changing from red to gray, you can’t rely on color alone to ensure meat is cooked properly.

5. Grandma has already had 4 hot dogs and half of the fruit salad, but she asked you to refill her plate again. When you are serving any food, USE A UTENSIL. This should be a dedicated serving spoon or fork, NOT your own spoon and certainly not your hands!

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