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10 Weeks to a Better Retail Operation: New Book Urges Retailers to Focus on Customers' Perspectives.

Believing that customer perspectives ultimately determine the success of any retail operation, two celebrated industry experts are announcing a ground-breaking book to help owners broaden their store’s appeal.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- In the post-recession retail climate, store owners are constantly seeking out ways to improve their operation’s performance. While many embark on a journey filled with trial and error, a compelling new book by two industry experts could pave a solid path to better performance.

Written by Philip H. Mitchell and Gary Petz, ‘10 Weeks to a Better Retail Operation: Learn How to Quickly Improve Your Store’ is written as a walk-through guide to help retailers examine their operations more critically and make positive changes.

The book serves as a follow up to the hugely successful ‘Discovery-Based Retail’, released in 2008. As one of the authors explains, their model for success is based on the concept of customer perspectives.

“The perspectives of customers will ultimately determine the success of any operation. Therefore, our book helps all retailers focus on these perspectives and drive growth faster than they ever imagined,” says Mitchell.


This book introduces new ideas for improving profitability, store design, merchandising and expense control and also expands on ideas presented in the original book. The book also explores building better employee teams, selling skills, and establishing niches.

The authors outline a new way in which to think about branding and the differences between advertising and marketing. They make suggestions as to how advertising can be done more cost-effectively and more efficiently. They introduce a new concept they have titled the 6 Ps of store differentiation. The ability to understand and focus on this principle allows retailers to separate their stores from all of the choices that their customers are exposed to.

Mitchell urges store owners to move away from their numbers and focus on other critical aspects of their day-to-day operations.

“Many begin to examine all of their decisions simply through a dollar and cents filter. They often fail to take into consideration how the changes will affect their store's appeal to their customers. When a store's presentation is designed to enhance shopping experiences additional sales naturally follow. The concerns of bottom line start resolving when the top line increases. Therefore improving a store needs to be viewed as an investment and not expense,” he adds.

Praised by critics for its direct and results-oriented approach, ’10 Weeks to a Better Retail Operation’ is poised to resonate with store owners and operators across the country. Coming at a time when retail sales account for a growing slice of the country’s economy, many retailers are demanding realistic and concrete resources to assist them with their own operations.

“At the end of the day, we hope that our common sense approach will have people thinking of retail from two perspectives: customers' experience and their bottom line. In a very short time they will understand how to make their retail store perform better,” Mitchell concludes.

‘10 Weeks to a Better Retail Operation: Learn How to Quickly Improve Your Store’, published by CreateSpace, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/Xr4Szi

For more information, visit the authors’ company websites: http://www.discoverdbr.com/ and http://www.discoverybasedretail.com

About Philip Mitchell and Gary Petz
Philip Mitchell and Gary Petz of Discovery-Based Retail have strong backgrounds in retail operations and wholesale distribution. This unique double-sided perspective helps them understand what retailers face in day to day operations. 10 Weeks to a Better Retail Operation is the long-anticipated follow up to their first book, Discovery-Based Retail, which was lauded by industry experts. That book helped launch their company which bears the same name, Discovery-Based Retail. They work with retailers helping them to enhance their retail operations and improve their profitability.