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Brownsville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Many residents of Texas remain unaware of a phenomenon known as urban heat island effect, yet the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes this change in climate, identifying it as a city becoming a heat island due to the quantity of heat-absorbing structures and materials. Cities find their temperature may be as much as ten degrees higher than that seen in rural areas, and this effect is seen most often at night. Thankfully, roofing companies now offer materials designed to combat this problem, and McAllen Valley Roofing Company ( now offers free estimates so homeowners may learn how much they can save by switching to a cool roof, one which reflects sunlight and reduces cooling costs within the home.

"Contact McAllen Valley Roofing Company today to request a free estimate. No homeowner wishes to find they need a new roof, but the time will come when a new roof becomes a necessity. Consider upgrading the roof in the home sooner than planned to take advantage of the savings one may see by switching to a roof of this type," Brian McSteen, spokesperson for the brownsville roofing company, declares.

Hail storms often damage homes also as seen by the hail storm which occurred in March 2012. Homeowners tend to see problems such as cracks or holes in the roof after a storm of this type, and the holes and cracks leave the interior of the home exposed to water damage. Thankfully, many homeowner insurance policies cover damage of this type, as long as the claim is filed in a timely manner.

"Contact McAllen Valley Roofing Company any time damage to the roof is suspected or detected. Many homeowners find repairs will be more than adequate. For those situations where the roof must be replaced, a cool roof remains a viable option. Homeowners tend to be shocked when they see just how much money can be saved by replacing a faulty roof," McSteen explains.

Homeowners need to inspect the roof a minimum of twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. In addition, any time a major storm moves through the area, such as the hail storm of March 2012, the homeowner needs to check the roof. Water damage to the home tends to be costly so it's best to catch small problems before they become major ones.

"If this is a task one is uncomfortable with, contact McAllen Valley Roofing Company. Someone will be happy to come out to determine the extent of the damage and identify the needed repair. If a roof replacement is needed, a cool roof may be discussed at this time, to help offset the cost of the roof replacement through energy savings," McSteen states.

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