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100lbs of Weight Loss Later, Married Doctors Share Compelling Fat-Fighting Formula for Busy Families

Aptly named ‘The Beckford Formula’ after their own family, two married Medical Doctors from Tampa are releasing a life-changing book for busy families who want to enjoy lower weight and better health. Having put the formula through its paces at home, the Beckfords’ own 100lbs weight loss is proof that a busy lifestyle is the perfect opportunity to collectively live longer.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- While helping thousands of fellow Americans lose weight, Rita and Ian Beckford spent over two decades tipping obesity’s scale. Threatened with pre-Diabetes and feeling trapped due to the bustle and rigors of raising a young family, the two married Medical Doctors embarked on a mission to develop a weight loss plan that integrates with hectic family life.

Following years of research and development, ‘The Beckford Formula’ helped the family lose over 100lbs and eradicated high blood pressure and Diabetes. Wanting to help other families bond and live longer through better health, Rita and Ian are sharing their formula with the world.

‘The Beckford Formula: Lose the Fat for Good!’ is their new and life-changing book. Proving immensely popular with families across the nation, the book imparts weight loss and health information that is solely geared for busy families who may have previously found themselves helpless.

“Our formula is an evidence-based approach to weight loss and lifelong weight maintenance. It is a lifestyle consisting of habits that are repeated until they become automatic. These traits have been exhibited by successful losers who maintain their weight loss for years,” says Rita Beckford, who was able to beat Diabetes and throw away her blood pressure medication after following the formula.

Continuing, “It is specifically designed for busy families who don’t have time to invest hours in cooking and who want to be active together. For example, the formula proves that you can dine out and explore global cuisines while travelling; still maintaining good habits and continuing to lose weight.”

With childhood obesity now affecting one in three young people, The Beckford Formula tackles the problem head-on while developing life-long good habits.

“Kids love it and have great success. Our own son lost eleven pounds while still eating the food he loved and never feeling left out. The foods we recommend still taste great and give kids the natural energy they need to blossom into healthy adults that will hopefully live long past their generation’s average age,” Rita adds.

Since its launch, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“This is a guide for those of us who don't know where to start and those of us who need a simple reminder on what it takes to get the health we need and the weight loss we want to achieve. There's great advice on how to make the best food decisions without sacrificing flavor and tips on how to stay on your best behavior when dining out,” says Dion Cox, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Alison R. Golwich, who lost 67 pounds using The Beckford Formula, was equally as impressed. She said, “I started on June 29, 2012 and have lost 63 pounds by January 2nd following this easy to use Formula -No pills, no shakes, it works with your budget and lifestyle. Even tips on eating out!”

Alongside the book, The Beckford family have also developed a popular and engaging mobile App, available to all readers for free. By bringing their readership together into a social virtual meeting place, families can benefit from cooking tips, meal ideas, video segments and the mutual encourage and support that ensures they don’t give up their fight for a brighter future.

“We really want to change the face and ‘game’ of weight loss for good. So far our book is on sale in five countries and we plan to expand our reach in the future. It’s time families re-united for the collective goal of becoming healthier. After all, families are meant to be together,” Rita concludes.

‘The Beckford Formula: Lose the Fat for Good!’ is available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/128akJ9

To find out more about The Beckford Formula, the family behind it and to track your own weight loss progress, visit: http://www.thebeckfordformula.com

About the Authors: Dr. Ian Beckford and Dr. Rita Beckford
Meet Drs. Beckford – a married couple who are both affectionately known as “Dr. B.” Both Ian and Rita have been family medicine doctors for 14 years.

Dr. Ian Beckford is a Harvard grad who majored in psychology then went on to Case Western Reserve Medical School in Cleveland, Ohio to earn his doctorate of medicine. He is a family medicine physician who currently sees patients in Tampa, Florida. He received certification as a personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise.

Dr. Rita Beckford has an environmental engineering degree from Northwestern University and her doctorate of medicine at Case Western Reserve. She is a family medicine doctor, stars in the exercise video, Home with Dr. B and speaks across the country on healthy living.

Drs. B have two handsome sons, Kenny 11 and Kyle 5 who keep them young. When the couple is not helping patients, or working out, they love seeing movies and traveling the world savoring new cuisines. Dr. Ian is a voracious reader and Dr. Rita is a spa junkie.