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1.1, an Arabic Sci-Fi That Narrows the Gap Between Real and Imaginary Experiences


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- 1.1 is an Arabic Science Fiction film that uses speculative designs as means to critique/question cultural niches in a pseudo-contemporary Middle Eastern society. The number "0" inspired this title. The zero in this context is not literally the number zero, but the non-existent, invisible or underdeveloped entity, which opens room for imaginative speculations that can suspend our disbelief on possible futures. The 1.0 (before the "0") is for religion (the idea of one god) and the 0.1 (after the "0") is for science (an intervening invisible entity). This movie is about the dilemma between technology and culture in the Middle East.

About The Movie
The aim was to apply contemporary philosophies and ideologies that are considered inapplicable to the Middle East into a fictional Middle Eastern contemporary culture. This appropriation will create a new ground for questioning the cultural values and their sources.

Usually the process of making a movie starts with writing a screenplay then evaluating the production, then making it happen. However, this movie took an unusual approach, as it first started with designing the objects while drawing inspiration from scientific research and critical theory.

Afterwards, stories were created based on these objects to form the screenplay. This process lead to unexpected and interesting results, as the project was dictated by visual and structural consistencies of the designs. In this sense, the movie has unconventional elements of consistency in the writing, composing and editing. The movie is now nearing completion, after two years of an intensive design process and will be launched on May 2013.

About The Campaign
The film have recently launched an indiegogo campaign to fund its distribution, the plan is to reach a few film festivals outside the middle east and give exposure to international audiences from Europe, Australia, and the United States.


Indiegogo campaign: