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123 Mold Testing Company to Remove Mold at El Paso Downtown Jail


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- The reputed 123 Mold Testing Company yet again manages to hit the headlines. The Public Works Department under the authorization of the County Commissioners Court has hired the Company to handle the mold remediation program at the jail.

Sources say that this reputed Mold Testing El Paso Company and the Public Works Department is getting to the cost estimate and other official details before the mega mold remediation project starts. Until very recently, there was a lot of public speculation about the idea of a public bidding. This would require the County Sheriff to release the blueprints of the entire jail posing a threat to the security of the inmates and the employees.

After much debate over the months, the County Commissioner Court has asked the El Paso Public Works Department to hire the best Mold Testing El Paso Company available in the county. Hence, the 123 Mold Testing Company emerged as the top of the contender list. This has made the process of the mold remediation at the El Paso downtown jail a lot easier than the traditional bidding process. The official process to hire the Company took less than a month’s time.

Tests around the jail have indicated that toxic black molds were found in the ductwork of the jail building. A considerable concentration of the molds has been found in the basement causing allergic reactions to most of the prisoners and the guards in the ground floor and the first floor. Thanks to jail authorities in charge, matter has been taken into hand as soon as the report was made.

Further mold inspections under the order of the County Commissioner’s Court has reported that quick remediation steps have saved the inmates and the employees from any significant health threat from the exposure to the toxic black molds. To get extra information on mold testing in El Paso please visit this link.

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