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123 Water Damage Atlanta Publishes Tips on Minimizing the Damage from Flooding

There are plenty of things residents can do to help stop water damage while waiting for professionals to arrive, reports 123 Water Damage Atlanta


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- When a pipe bursts or other flood damage occurs, many homeowners and residents don't realize that there are things they can do to minimize or prevent further damage before professional restoration crews arrive. To help affected residents with this problem, 123 Water Damage Atlanta (http://www.123waterdamageatlanta.com) has released an informational web page to help them act immediately and purposefully.

"All too many people think that there's nothing they can do until the professionals come, and this results in increased damage due to the delay," said Trevor Mulholland of 123 Water Damage Atlanta. "In reality, there are several basic steps that can be taken to protect furniture, electrical items, and even the floor."

Some of these tips may seem obvious, but are often forgotten in the panic that can come with dealing with sudden damage. The more basic suggestions include using white towels to sop up water from furniture, running fans and air conditioners to speed drying, and to not run any electrical items in the wet areas.

"More involved things that homeowners can do include rolling back carpeting so that the subflooring is exposed to the air. The electricity in the house should also be turned off at the circuit breaker, or if possible, at the mains. This will keep shorts, and potential fires, from happening." Mulholland said. "And it goes without saying that if a pipe is the source of the water, the water to that pipe needs to be shut off. If the main valve isn't accessible, target one of the valves that is allowing water to feed a burst pipe."

Other tips for dealing with Atlanta water damage (http://www.123waterdamageatlanta.com) are more focused on resident safety. People should stay out of rooms with sagging ceilings because these ceilings may cave in at any time. More ideas can be found at http://123waterdamageatlanta.com/help-water-damage-atlanta/.

Once professionals arrive to begin their work, the first step will be to stop any still-existing water sources and get the structure dry again. The steps taken, and precautions needed, depend on what type of water has caused the problem. After the water is removed, work begins on water damage restoration Atlanta (http://123waterdamageatlanta.com/benefits-of-professional-water-damage-restoration-in-atlanta/). Soggy boards and joists will usually need to be replaced, as will non-structural items like ruined carpet, lifted tiles, or waterlogged furniture. Wood furniture may need to be refinished or even replaced.

Overall, recovering from water damage is a huge job. It also must be done very quickly to prevent mold and bacterial growth from setting in and to keep structural elements from rotting. This is one of the big reasons that it's best to call in the pros. They have the crews that can get all of this work done fast enough to stop the damage from getting worse.

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