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13.3% of Businesses Use SEO – Make the Most of a Niche Market


Burnley, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2015 -- A recent survey, conducted by Levin Management has revealed some interesting figures regarding how retailers engage and boost business online. According to those surveyed, social media is the most commonly used technology platform for standing out online with 69.2% using at least one site (such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus). Another popular area was internet advertising and PPC services utilized by 37.5% whilst a key expected area of growth is SEO optimization such as Google Ad words at 13.3%. Although this percentage appears low, the level of discussion around SEO right now is high; especially because Google's planned Penguin 4.0 algorithm update has not yet taken place – giving businesses with a website the chance to optimize before the new year.

Considering the survey and resultant discussion, it appears that a confident online strategy for businesses going forward is to be a combination of social and advertising, which can be crucially enhanced by SEO: Search Engine Optimization. That only 13.3% of those surveyed actively employ SEO techniques means that it is an area of the market still capable of much growth, as well as a method which businesses can use to stand out. Experts are anticipating movement away from over-saturated social sites and a focus on organic SEO to dominate 2016 therefore.

A prime example of an industry expert is Ranking Solutions, a digital marketing agency based in Burnley, Lancashire. They are frequent commentators on industry news and a spokesperson had this to say:

"We think that the survey provides interesting insight into the current business use of the internet, but also allows us to cast some important predictions of how this will progress into the present. What is especially important to emphasize is SEO – which has already seen a growth over the course of this year – and although only a modest percentage at the moment, is set to be red-hot in 2016. After all, the best businesses will use the latest and more niche techniques in order to get themselves noticed. SEO is an important example of this, and when combined with our design and development services, we regularly see websites accelerate in the rankings."

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