14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Promises to Flatten Belly in 14 Days


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- Who Wants To Be Fit Blog has just announced its thorough review of Shaun Hadsall’s brand new course

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss. This course teaches people how to stop losing weight and start burning fat. You may be asking yourself, “Whats the difference?” Well stick around and I’ll explain it for you. If you’ve ever embarked on a weight loss journey before I’m sure you’ve hit a plateau or sticky point where your results really began to slow down. Or maybe you’ve noticed that your body is fairly lean except for your midsection including the upper thighs and lower stomach region. Shaun’s program 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss aims to target those problem areas of the body where stubborn fat refuses to budge. Shaun’s teachings have helped thousands of people achieve the body they’ve always wanted and as a runner-up in the Body for Life challenge, Shaun Hadsall is more than qualified to teach others his methods. After receiving many inquiries about 14 Rapid Fat Loss Who Wants to Be Fit Blog decided to conduct a thorough review of this program.

The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Review on Who Wants To Be Fit Blog reveals that this program is in fact effective at targeting stubborn fat deposits and the results are achievable for both experienced exercisers and newbie’s alike. The comprehensive 112-page PDF guide covers information such as food combining, meal timing, reps/sets per exercise, and also the science behind Shaun’s methods. You’ll learn why you should limit fruits and starches on your baseline days so that your body has no choice but to go after stored fat to burn for energy. You will also discover the best type of cardio to do in order to get the most benefit from your exercises and the science behind the methods so you will know exactly why you perform these types of movements. Additionally the user will also have access to Shaun’s bonus guide “14 Fat Burning Desserts” that can be eaten on cheat days.

Shaun really outdid himself with the content contained within this guide. He really makes it simple to understand why his methods work so well. Never before has there been a system that was so stupid simple to understand even for someone at the most basic of fitness levels. Whether you're trying to lose 30lbs or just trying get rid of that last bit of stubborn belly flab 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss has the methods and information that you'll need to get you there.

Lionel Abbons from Who Wants to Be Fit Blog states that, “This guide really opened my eyes up to a whole new approach to doing cardio. In the past, I've always heard that you should do steady state cardio to burn fat while others argue that you should do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn fat. I was at a loss until I followed Shauns 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss plan and learned how to strategically combine steady state cardio with HIIT cardio to create the ultimate fat burning inferno. This system allowed me to drop an additional 5lbs and finally rid myself of those ugly love handles that just did not want to come off. There really is nothing to lose by trying this system out to see for yourself if its right for you and with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, who can complain.”

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