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14 Days to the Launch of an Immense Global Business Opportunity

The Countdown for World Prelaunch has begun with ‘the bigger your team, the bigger your spill over’ as tagline.


Saint Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2013 -- World Prelaunch, the biggest MLM venture set up and run by a team of ‘professional network marketers’ will be officially launched on March 18th, 2013. The venture is set to start with attractive offers for the new entrants. The Multi-level Marketing venture promises to supply folks with their own personally enrolled people when they join the official opportunity. World Prelaunch blog states that the complete information including contact details and the personally sponsored people under them will be provided to the entrants. This is done so as to better equip the people to target their teams.

The World Prelaunch venture, which has just 14 days to go, encourages people to build their personal teams before the venture is flagged off. It goes under the tagline ‘the bigger your team, the bigger the spill over’. The World Prelaunch boasts of already having a huge network under the venture. It has apparently amassed people who have personally sponsored people under them running into more than 10,000 members. The blog explains that when individuals have personally sponsored people, they go on to build teams with their contacts resulting in a large network. World Prelaunch also offers cash incentive of $10,000 from March 18 to 23 for Russia, Brazil and the world over.

The World Prelaunch blog states, “On March 18th, when you join into the official opportunity we will supply you with your personally enrolled people. These will come to you via email on excel spreadsheet. It will show full contact details and how many people your personally sponsored persons have in their team.”

Sheriman AF, reputed blogger, has provided in-depth analysis of the World Prelaunch MLM venture on the viral blogging system Empower Network, laying bare its features and benefits. He advises people to grab the opportunity while it’s still ripe and start building down lines. He said, “You are not paying for anything yet, but already can use this superb marketing front set-up in the form of this World Prelaunch.” In his blog entry, he invites people to be a part of his team for World Prelaunch and has offered several benefits for people who join under him.

To obtain more details about the upcoming launch of the World Prelaunch global opportunity, check out their blog and official website. The benefits and other details for people joining with Empower Network team can be viewed in the blog entry ‘The Truth About World Prelaunch – Expert Review’ by Sheriman AF

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