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15 Million Homes Are Set to Be Affected by Freeview Cuts: Hi Tech Aerials Comments


Nottingham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- According to a recent report in a prominent broadsheet newspaper, about 15 million homes will be affected by the Government's decision to auction some of the airwaves of Freeview to mobile phone companies.

The change is expected to take place over the next five years and could leave a further 100,000 households needing new aerials altogether. Although it is not known precisely which houses will be affected, industry experts are recommending getting a secure aerial set-up and service as soon as possible to avoid complications in the future.

The prospect of Freeview being altered due to a government decision is an inconvenience to many and has caused some anger amongst the general public. After all, many associate the tuning of televisions and the installing of aerials stressful in itself, and therefore to be considering this process again is not ideal. This is why it is recommended that all those with televisions have their aerial installed by a qualified provider and also ensure regular check-ups are carried out, so if there are circumstances of change, they can be prepared and resilient.

A prime example of an aerial expert is Hi-Tech Aerials – a business striving to bring the best in regards to installation, testing and fittings.

They also offer frequent comment on related news and a spokesperson had this to say:

"The anticipated Freeview changes may be unsettling for some, especially if people already suffer from aerial problems with their televisions – making them potentially more susceptible. The best way to secure yourself is to ensure your current aerial is properly installed and filly functional, and also know a company you can contact in the case that things to wrong. We are proud to bring aerial support and guidance to many here at Hi-Tech Aerials."

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