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15 Year Internet Veteran Unleashes Long Hidden Secrets

I Escaped the Cold North of England to the Tropical Climates of the Philippines… and I’ll Show You How You Can Too.


Manila, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Steve Fleming has finally broken his 15 years silence and decided to unleash his Internet knowledge on an unsuspecting World. After managing to migrate from the cold north of England to the tropical climate of the Philippines, he wants to show others how they too, can manage to ‘live the dream’.

With that goal in mind, he has just launched a brand new website that will document amazing tips, advice and assorted musings aimed directly at those struggling to make money online.

“I’ve managed to build a pretty decent living for myself over the past 15 years exclusively by working on the Internet and I thought the time was right for me to give something back and try to help others do the same. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of work but if somebody truly wants to make it online, I’m more than happy to help, “said Steve Fleming, when asked to explain his decision.

“I’m originally from the UK but due to the freedom that working on the Internet has given me, I now live in the Philippines which is a paradise compared to dreary old Manchester. My aim with STEVEFLEMING.CO.UK is to help others to ‘live the dream’ just like I’m doing”

STEVEFLEMING.CO.UK will feature articles specifically aimed at the novice Internet Marketer and will outline the simple steps they need to take to achieve success online. Mr. Fleming has also been a professional programmer for much of the 15 years he has spent working on the Internet and so the website will also feature many of the WordPress plugins he has created. The number of WordPress plugins will be increasing in the coming months so it’s a very exciting time for both Mr. Fleming and his growing legion of fans.

Mr. Fleming is committed to making his namesake website, STEVEFLEMING.CO.UK, the number one resource on the Web for the novice Internet Marketer and will be constantly updating its contents. Early articles on the site include tips on leveraging Google Plus for maximum benefits, growing your social fan base and why it’s so important and advice on how to repurpose your content to gain exposure for your website, beyond your wildest dreams.

It is obvious that Mr. Fleming has put a lot of thought and effort into STEVEFLEMING.CO.UK and his passion for delivering great content and advice is truly remarkable. If the initial articles on the site are a barometer of his future intent then those looking for the real-world examples of how to make money online will not be disappointed.

Pearls of wisdom from a battle scared veteran abound at STEVEFLEMING.CO.UK

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Telephone: +63 9324601553