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15 Year Old Tech and Business Wizkid Seeks Seed Funds for His Startup "Project X"

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- Since the world has been going through many technological advancements and changes, it is best for people to start-up businesses as it is undoubtedly the best way to gain profit in the present economy. Many individuals can be seen to be creating small, medium as well as large businesses in order to make their dreams come true by implementing the ideas which they have come up with. A 15 year old tech savvy kid has expressed his interested in starting up an exclusive mobile platform business that is likely to reach the heights of success and that too, in a short period of time without having to struggle too much. However, funds are necessary in order to make their dream come true in the long run.

Initially, the young future businessman has claimed to raise funds of about $10 million, which may sounds a lot, but it really is not since newly established businesses have quite a lot of expenses to cover in the first place. These include the cost of product development, market research, payroll for the team, marketing, advertising campaigns, rent office space and much more.

Many may also think that the kid is a bit too young to be able to gather such a huge sum of money, but it really is not impossible since many people have already shown their likeness and interest for the top notch “Project X” to be developed in the long run.

What’s more is that the young wizkid has revealed that he plans on gathering $10 Million within the next 2 months only for the purpose of creating the exclusively long-awaited product along with the creation of a solid team to be introduced within the market by July. All the gathered funds will be invested in the operations of the business and most importantly, on the exceptional product. Now is the chance for all the interested donors to give the kid a chance in order to allow him to convert his dreams to reality in the near future.

About The entrepreneur
The young future entrepreneur states that he has the talent to enhance his idea since it has the potential of becoming a $100 million/year revenue company within a couple of months, which is rather impressive. Investment from venture capitalists, hedge funds, worldwide investors, angels and almost all kinds of fund provisional services is highly welcome; thus, individuals are recommended to waste no time in helping the 15 year old tech-savvy kid.

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