17 Foreclosure Strategies to Stop, Stall or Walkaway with Cash Book Give Away


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- John Brooks, is the author of the just released book 17 Foreclosure Strategies to Stop, Stall or Walkaway with Cash which he wrote to help underwater homeowners or homeowners facing foreclosure. The book has been downloaded over 200 times the first day it was available. The book is free until November 1 at to provide financially strapped homeowners with the resources they need. SoCal Homeowner Options is a free service for homeowners that are underwater or facing foreclosure.

Brooks noted that “Most homeowners are being pressured by the government and the lenders to keep paying on a useless asset. Well-meaning, but misinformed friends also pressure the homeowner by telling them it is their obligation to pay the mortgage even if a short sale or strategic default would be a better option”.

This advice is frequently wrong and is dangerous to these homeowners’ financial health. Homeowners following this advice may be foreclosing on their own financial future or their kids’ future by continuing to pour money down the drain. Brooks notes that Experian, one of the big three credit reporting firms analyzed 24 million files and found that financially sophisticated homeowners are far more likely to default. They view it as a business decision and cut their losses if they determine that it is a losing investment.

The book covers strategies to stop, stall or get out of the financial obligation as well as revealing the appalling secret practices behind the system put in place to favor the lenders and boost the wealth of Wall Street insiders while systematically screwing the homeowners. The book covers the lies and manipulations lenders have used on unsuspecting homeowners and how homeowners can benefit from that knowledge to save their home or walkaway with cash and even buy a house after a foreclosure.

Details on the $25 billion robo-signing settlement are included, as well as information for homeowners who think they may be eligible for relief with their existing mortgages or for reimbursement if they were foreclosed on by one of the five banks that are part of the settlement.

SoCal Homeowner Options helps Los Angeles area homeowners struggling with an underwater house or facing foreclosure evaluate their options for staying or leaving.

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