1800HomeCare.com Helps Patients Find Professional Home Care Services Instantly


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- 1800HomeCare, a company dedicated in bringing together patients and home care providers, has received immense praise for the swiftness of its service in arranging a professional home care in any neighborhood in the U.S.

The company can instantly arrange any type of home care service whether the requirement is simply for personal care or medical purposes. The members of the 1800HomeCare service include many reputed hospitals, non-profit organizations and private companies which have highly experienced personnel to fulfill any home care need.

The company has also shared insightful information regarding home care on their website 1800HomeCare.com. Articles such as ‘Parkinson’s Disease and Home Care’, ‘Planning Ahead for Home Care’, ‘Medical Home Care vs. Non-Medical Home Care’ and ‘Is Home Care the Right Choice For You?’ provide essential knowledge and advice for patients who are interested in opting for home care or individuals who are seeking a friendly home care for a family member. Additional information can also be availed directly through company’s experienced representatives by calling 1-800-HomeCare.

Regarding payment methods of the home care the company informed that other than direct payments from patients or family members, the option of public and private sources is also available. Third-party payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, the Older American’s Act, the Veteran’s Administration and Social Services programs are all acceptable as payment methods of the home care services. More precise information regarding the payment methods can be viewed on the site, where payment through insurances has also been completely explained.

The company recently released a promotional video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdjkdohA00E, which has received immense praise for being direct and heart touching by its viewers. 1800HomeCare via its home care services is also creating an awareness of taking better care of family members, especially at an elderly age when it is required. The company’s service enables individuals to offer their help even when they themselves may be occupied due to their own family and daily jobs.

About 1800HomeCare.com
1800HomeCare.com is the online platform of 1800HomeCare, a company that bridges the gap between home care providers and patients. Run by team of home care professionals themselves, the company has access to an extensive database of home care providers which range from reputed hospitals, NPOs to professional private companies. Through the website specific details of types of home care services the company can arrange, the cost of various home care services, how to select the most suitable service for a patient or elderly family member and other important information can be viewed.

For more information about Home Care Services and Providers, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of 1800HomeCare.com, please call at 1-800-HomeCare.