TMC Limited Add over 20 Videos to YouTube Channel has celebrated the first month of its new YouTube channel by posting its 21st video – with 5 more to come this month.


Headstone Lane, Harrow -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 --, the UK’s original and now over 10 year old airport parking price comparison website, has celebrated the first month of its new YouTube channel by posting its 21st video – with 5 more to come this month. The channel now has short video guides covering how to get the best deal on parking at the top 20 UK airports, and each has received hundreds of views and lots of “thumbs ups”.

The new YouTube video channel at was launched at the end of October. In just over a month has published 21 new videos, and is on track to have quick guides – each lasting just over a minute long - on how to get the best deal at all of the top 25 UK airports live by the end of the year.

Once these short video guides have been completed and published, intends to shift its focus to publishing ‘how to’ guides, in-depth car park reviews and comprehensive screen capture features on how to get the best deals on all types of airport parking in the UK. These will begin to go live on the channel in January, as people’s thoughts shift from Christmas to winter sun, ski, Easter and summer holidays. pricing expert and content manager Lynn Bradshaw said: “We launched the channel a month ago with the aim of helping the growing number of people who use YouTube to find out about airport parking and how to get the best deal. We saw that it would offer an opportunity for us to share our 10 years of experience on getting airport parking deals in a new and exciting way.”

"We are really encouraged at how popular the new channel has been, with lots of positive comments and thumbs ups, as well as hundreds of views. We have more videos in the pipeline that we will have online in the next week or so, with lots of plans to publish a steady flow of helpful guides that we hope will be even more popular."

New and original "how-to" videos to feature on the channel from early next year will include tips on choosing the right car park at each UK airport, guides to popular car parks, news on special offers or new parking options, screen capture videos taking viewers through an airport parking search to show how to get the best deal, and much more.

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