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1up Marketing Publishes a Brilliant Review of My Top Tier Business's 21 Step System


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2015 -- Famous online business review website called 1up Marketing as finally reviewed Matt Lloyd's My Top Tier Business and its 21 step system. Matt Lloyd has long claimed that his system can help one earn thousands of dollars in commissions without the owner having to conduct any personal selling. The best thing, according to the review, is that one can get to the money making immediately, without wasting any time at all. The review address claims of fraud early on by claiming that Lloyd has been in the online selling business since 2006 and had he been a fraud, he would not have lasted this long. Therefore, his MTTB is not a fraudulent service.

In a personal conversation with Matt, the reviewer of My Top Tier Business asked him why has program had been so successful. Lloyd cited what he believed were the three main reasons.

The first one was the phone follow up My Top Tier Business. Phone sales, says the MTTB system review, are a great way to increase online sales but it is very hard to do so because they require professional salesmen. However, phone sales have high ticket programs and pay huge commissions. Therefore, Matt was quick to sign on a trained phone salesman since follow-ups are necessary when it comes to advanced price points. Therefore, it is necessary to make personal relationships with customers over the phone so that trust can be built between them.

Having a single product is also not the best strategy. Therefore, Matt Lloyd believes that having multiple products is a great strategy towards making more sales. Instead of offering a single, highly expensive product that might appeal to a single niche, he makes several products at nominal prices that might appeal to different niches. Once he earned people's trust with his sales, he would raise the prices by offering skilled coaches and the services of masterminds. Once he had earned their trust, he knew that his customers would not hesitate spending ten to fifteen thousand dollars when it came to him.

Lastly, high ticket programs are a win for his system, according to numerous MTTB reviews. Matt remains adamant that finding fifty customers to sell programs at higher prices is much easier than looking for thousands of customers to sell programs for a few dollars.

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My Top Tier Business' 21 step system to getting rich online without moving a single muscle is called revolutionary across many platforms. It offers ideas previously unheard of.

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