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1upPOWERbahn LLC Launches Kickstarter Crowd Funding Campaign

Offering a disruptive technology


Platteville, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- 1upPOWERbahn is a new device that brings authentic simulations to cyclists and fitness enthusiasts in indoor spaces. Recreating Natural Resistance™ during exercise is one of the main objectives of this product, and it does this extraordinarily well. 1upPOWERbahn simulates accurate resistance, real road loads, and precise grade uphill to +15%, or downhill to -5%. As a result, people’s indoor cycle training translates optimally to outdoor riding.

1upPOWERbahn is packed with features like a compact aluminium frame that is functional, easy to use, and transportable. It also has Lock N Load operation for rapid set up, and because it’s just 29 pounds, it’s very easy to carry and take on planes so users can train indoors while travelling to races if necessary due to weather.

While creating a comfortable training experience for users, 1upPOWERbahn takes the game to a higher level, as it closes the loop between pedal forces applied and resistance supplied to the rider. To do this, 1upPOWERbahn detects riders’ pedalling inputs and updates resistance 1,000 times per second. It is a uniquely smart trainer that knows what riders are doing and uniquely gives them correct resistance based on their weight, strength, and fitness. 1upPOWERbahn could become a new benchmark for all training devices and a smarter alternative to the typical training means and products available today.

About 1upPOWERbahn
1upPOWERbahn has brought together experts in the field to design its product. They have tested it with riders from elite to recreational, and it is ready for production. 1upPOWERbahn is experienced at making cycling products, and adept at managing businesses with products currently on the market. While the 1upPOWERbahn trainer is new, the people at the company successfully run ongoing businesses.

Those interested in disrupting the status quo, improving the current state of the art, and helping a revolutionary product become a mainstay in the marketplace can pledge their support. 1upPOWERbahn is offering keepsakes to supporters, and early access to production units, which is an added bonus. Once the Kickstarter Campaign is complete, 1upPOWERbahn will commence production.

To know more about the campaign visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1uppowerbahn/1uppowerbahn-cycle-trainer

View at http://youtu.be/mxHZGuTJ6FA

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