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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- The Internet makes it possible to find out a huge amount of information instantly, including information about people or organizations. Although the internet is incredibly empowering it can also lead to unfair slurs on reputations with little chance of redress. This means that an online reputation management strategy is important, especially for anyone who has a high profile in his or her industry or aspirations to gain one. It’s also incredibly important for any business, whether they market to other businesses or direct to consumers.

One website that is starting to make waves in the online reputation management industry is 1UpReputation.com, a business providing comprehensive personal and corporate reputation management services. They have gained a huge reputation in the industry for their incredibly effective work, not only helping highlight good reputations but also mitigating the effects of online reputation damage.

1UpReputation.com perform online reputation management using a wide range of techniques, including blogs, social media, link building, press releases, private networks, profile building and 3rd party content publication. They put together a reputation management package specifically tailored to bring maximum results, both for customers seeking to improve an existing reputation or build a completely new one.

They also employ exceptionally effective suppression methods, helping to take detrimental opinions away from the attention of the public. This can mitigate damage and help manage a crisis.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Today, Google puts a gargantuan wealth of information at the fingertips of consumers. The Internet is a research tool of such magnitude that it would be practically unimaginable just a few decades ago. It is powerful, but it is also dangerous, especially if you have a reputation to safeguard. Whether you are a private individual or a business, anyone can dig up a huge amount of information about you in seconds. It’s vital that the information that is most prominent is both accurate and positive . That’s where we come in. Using an expert blend of proprietary techniques, we can create an incredible reputation from scratch, bury bad news, and highlight good news. Online reputation management should be a big part of your crisis plan, but it should also be a core element of your holistic marketing strategy. It’s a proven way to build brands, drive sales, and propel yourself to personal success.”

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1 Up Reputation is a business specializing in online reputation management. They use a wide range of techniques to create and safeguard excellent personal and corporate reputations online.

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