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2-20 Family of Companies Has an Impact in the Medical Industry Across the Country


Edison, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- The 2-20 Family of Companies has had a large impact on the healthcare and medical industry over the past year delivered by its individual locations throughout the United States including InfoStore Records Management, Certified Records Management, Arizona Records Storage Center and Storetrieve. By partnering with 2-20 Family of Companies’ and utilizing it proprietary Smart Storage Solutions®, healthcare and medical facilities have access to a variety of options including medical record document storage, turn key digital solutions, secure document shredding, data protection and various solutions for health information management. Most impressive is the 2-20 Family of Companies ability to blend digital and document solutions into one seamless HIPAA compliant solution all at a savings of 30% or more.

Some of the successes include:

Arizona Records Storage Center worked with a large medical group in Arizona to help save them $1.2 million in savings over the next five years. The financial benefits and services provided by Smart Storage Solutions®, the company’s full-service solution for medical records storage in Arizona, increased workplace productivity, and cut down on costs while ensuring they remain in compliance.

Certified Records Management of Florida shared similar success, as a large University Health System decided they could benefit from the company’s Smart Storage Solutions® as well. With help from the

medical records storage in Florida, the University Health System saved $500,000 over 5 years.

Storetrieve, assisting medical facilities throughout Southern California with their records management and storage solutions, was contacted by a large medical center. The medical center partnered with Storetrieve and implemented their medical records storage systems in Southern California which addressed existing gaps with improved find-ability, savings and compliance. As a result, the large medical facility enjoyed $1.3 million in savings over 5 years.

Along with the other three locations of 2-20 Family of Companies, InfoStore Records Management improved a large medical college’s document storage management by offering a custom Smart Storage Solutions® solution. With the partnership resulting in 30% annual savings over the previous vendor, the large medical college was happy with their decision to switch vendors. The transition to InfoStore’s medical records storage of New York was described by the college as being “flawless.”

About 2-20 Family of Companies
The 2-20 Family of Companies provides Smart Storage Solutions® that include: Document Storage, Secure Document Shredding, Data Protection, Digital Solutions and Health Information Management throughout the United States.

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