$2 Billion of Gift Cards Estimated to Go Unused in 2012. Is it Buy-Back Time?

Do people just prefer cash, which can be used anywhere?


Alameda, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2012 -- $2 billion ought to buy a lot of something. Sadly, it’s the amount of gift card credit estimated to permanently get lost in the shuffle and go unredeemed every year… buying nothing for anyone.

With tens of millions of Americans scrimping to save a few extra dollars, it would appear that some are already sitting on a plastic goldmine. Having all become victims of the ‘but I never shop at that store’ dilemma, is there a better way to turn the un-used gift card into a useful asset?

Many suggestions come to mind. Perhaps they would choose to donate the gift card to a charity, re-gift it to a friend or even swap it with a family member.

Michael Johnson has another suggestion – sell it for cash. In fact, he was so keen on the idea that he recently added a feature to his popular book buy-back comparison site that allows anyone to do the same with gift cards.

Michael explains more:

“Cash is the ultimate gift card – it works just about everywhere. There are a number of gift card buy-back services out there. To save people time, hopefully locate a buyer for your particular card and with the goal of helping visitors to get a better price for their gift card, I’ve just launched a gift card buyback comparison” he says.

Blue Rectangle’s new service requires no registration or entering a gift card number in order to find a possible buyer for your card. Users simply enter the name of the store card, as well as the card’s remaining balance. Up to three possible offers then appear.

“We hope to put a dent in that $2 billion estimate of wasted cards (Source: TowerGroup) and that’s only the unredeemed amount. Who knows how many people settle for something less than ideal from a store they weren’t really wild about. Our service is the perfect solution” adds Michael.

About was launched in 2005 with the goal of helping college students sell textbooks online. The site is owned by Pacific Book Exchange, LLC.

Blue Rectangle also offers book buyback comparison; a Wanted To Buy section; over 600 book reviews via video; the amazing Bookulating Suggest-O-Mometer; textbook cover art parodies; animated songs about book buyback and much more.

Blue Rectangle’s Wanted To Buy section offers resources to help visitors sell back a wide variety of items, such as: books, DVDs, electronics, gift cards, vintage items, video games, frequent flier miles, and even human hair!