2-Day Free Download of Yuval Harpaz' Fiction Book "Crickets in the Pockets" to Close This Day


Nes Ziyona, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- The 2-day free download of Yuval Harpaz’ fiction book “Crickets in the Pockets” is closing this day October 8. As the book was launched yesterday October 7, many parents have been downloading the book and the time seems to lack with more parents want to get a copy for their children.

Due to the fact that there are many children who are suffering from the lack of social skills, crickets have been used to teach a boy who was abandoned by friends to make new friends in the story. The entire focus of the story is teaching children on how they can develop interpersonal skills and make it possible to make new friends and make the friendship last.

It is given that many parents want to help their children on how to make friends and keep these people in their lives. With the help of the book, children are going to enjoy the imaginary adventure that the talking cricket and Tommy will do together to gain new friends. Aside from the fact that children will learn from the book, parents are also taught with tips on how they can support and teach their children with these values through the parent’s guide included in it. It comes in Amazon Kindle format, which makes it easy for parents to download it easily even this last day and read it for their children.

Through the announcement of the last day, parents will be aware of the time left for them to grab a copy of the book and give their children the skills on resolving conflict. It is sure to help not only kids but also parents with making their children reminded of the values from the story. The book is available for download at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FIOMY7A.

Grady Harp, a Top 50 reviewer on Amazon wrote: "This is a fun, well considered story… As always, Yuval Harpaz teaches while he entertains." Robin Lee, a Top 500 reviewer on Amazon wrote: "This is a magical, funny story to read to your child about keeping, being abandoned and always to being able to make new friends in this world".

A trailer for the children's book can be found at: http://youtu.be/qD-uOv_ZU9o

UV’s Library book series is under Yuval Harpaz’ writing and is packed with valuable lessons that children should develop while growing. The goal of the series is to teach children in regards to how they should handle social situations that they may get into. This third book that has been launched is now on its last day of free download, and parents should take advantage of the free opportunity.

For more information about the other fiction books that Yuval Harpaz have written, go to http://www.uvslibrary.com/. Those who have suggestions or inquiries can send an email through uvharpaz@gmail.com or just call (972) 50-3551767.

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