$2 Dollar Beard Club

$2 Dollar Beard Club Announces New Website for Beard Oil Subscription Services

Men who want an easy way to obtain beard oil and to learn how to apply it can visit 2DollarBeardClub.com to learn about their subscriptions and to sign up for a monthly beard oil delivery.


Pasadena, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- More than 10% of men in the United States have a beard. For many, the question of how to take care of the beard is important. The men often want to ensure it's well taken care of and ensure it improves their appearance instead of taking away from their looks. According to many studies, beard oil is one of the top ways to take care of facial hair and ensure it looks and feels great.

The $2 Dollar Beard Club is one company that's offering a variety of easy to choose options for men who want to take care of their beard properly. The company offers three different levels of beard oil for customers to choose from, all of which are made from only the finest ingredients.

Nathan Perry, the spokesperson for the $2 Dollar Beard Club, stated, "We have different packages for the economy beadsman and premium oils for those who have a little more to spend. We also have two different scents for each package."

Scents include the Freshman scent which contains sage and lavender, the Journeyman scent which contains Amyris and lime, as well as the Got Your Six which smells like a crisp wood cabin. The Zero Dark 30 is also available and features a hint of peppermint and a dash of coffee scents.

Those who are new to growing or maintaining a beard can find all the information they need on the new website for the $2 Dollar Beard Club. The men will be able to learn how beard oil can help moisturize their facial hair, how to apply beard oil, and other beard oil tips that might come in handy. Even those who have used beard oil in the past can learn more about how to apply it correctly and how to choose the right beard oil.

Also on the new website is information on how to sign up for a subscription service to ensure the beard oil is delivered as needed without having to worry about it every month. The person can sign up for the subscription services and choose the package and scent they prefer. From there, the man can prepay for the entire year or pay each month and the beard oil will be delivered to their doorstep.

"We make it easy to start using beard oil," stated Perry. "We offer a variety of packages to meet any man's needs, an easy to use subscription service, and easy ways to change the subscription service at any time." The $2 Dollar Beard Club's goal is to offer a convenient way for men to ensure they won't run out of the beard oil needed to keep their facial hair healthy and looking fantastic.

About $2 Dollar Beard Club
the $2 Dollar Beard Club is a subscription service company offering beard oil in a variety of packages. Men can choose between three different packages and two scents for each package to customize their order. On the new website, anyone can create a subscription, make changes to their subscription, and learn how and why beard oil is essential for a well-groomed beard.