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200% Illegal in the USA: Bold Novel Re-Ignites Immigration Debate & Provides Perspective-Changing Insight, as Immigrant Steals $300K

Masterfully crafted by Jan Mecner, ‘200% Illegal in the USA’ can be treated as a fascinating exploration of the nation’s immigration fabric, a searing exposé of border security or simply a thrilling adventure novel. After an immigrant lands on U.S. soil looking to earn money and save his failing business back home, his inability to find the American Dream leads him to take drastic matters into his own hands. However this novel is viewed, it will change every readers’ perspective on immigrants, immigration and the United States’ changing society.


Wilmington, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- At one time, everyone in the world dreamed of making it to the United States to claim their own piece of the American Dream and live a prosperous life with gusto. But as U.S. society collapses in on itself and other nations undergo radical development, the stars and stripes no longer provide the opportunities they once did.

In ‘200% Illegal in the USA’, his smash hit new novel, Jan Mecner explores the changing face of immigration through the eyes of one man living its realities. This new novel is searing, raw and will leave every reader with plenty to think about.


America has been attracting immigrants from all over the World ever since.

Illegal immigration has been one of the most discussed topics in recent years in conjunction with immigrants coming from south of the border. But not all the aliens came from Mexico recently. From1995 to 2005 were the peak years for illegal workers coming over from post Communist Eastern Europe. Mostly working for subcontractors, supplying labor for American national cleaning companies, who contracted floor maintenance services to large retail store chains across the States.

Most of those illegal workers have already returned back home, because working illegally in America for minimum wage is no longer financially attractive. Post Communist Eastern European countries have developed very quickly and economical, political and living standards has improved dramatically. America has always been their prime example for democracy and trade.

This is an interesting story about a young man, who came to USA from overseas in year 2000 in hope to make some money to rescue his business abroad. But thanks to all the circumstances, he got stuck in the States, working as an illegal alien, cleaning the floors at Wal-Mart store 7 nights a week, instead. After while, he became tired and depressed, trying to figure out, how to get out of this misery. He wanted to get back to living the normal life again. He wanted to start a business and find love, but he didn’t know how. Then one night, while working, he got this idea, how to get back on track by stealing money from Wal-Mart.

As he kept driving around the States from store to store, he kept systematically stealing the money. He managed to steal almost 300 thousand Dollars from Wal-Mart, completely undetected. Will he find love along the way and get a Green Card too? This unusual, thrilling and unpredictable story, will take you to many different places and situations. It will change your perspective on, what these people might have been going through, while living and working in the US.

“This novel can be viewed on so many different levels,” explains the author. “Diligent research makes it extremely factually accurate and it therefore closely represents very real immigration debates that are currently taking place. Readers will form new opinions of everything from the issuing of green cards to revised border security to everything else in between.”

Continuing, “Or, it could even just be casually read as a hugely-entertaining adventure novel. Younger readers or those not interested in immigration debates don’t have to read between the lines; our protagonist’s story is gripping enough on the surface.”

Either way, Mecner hopes his work will help people better understand the struggles and strains of those trying to ‘make it’ on American soil.

“The story can provide life-changing perspective. Many have no idea what those moving to the U.S. have to go through, but my book lays it out – without pulling any punches,” he adds.

‘200% Illegal in the USA’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1H9ESwO.

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About Jan Mecner
Jan Mecner resides in North Carolina and works in the cleaning industry.