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2012 Wale Populations Less Than 200 Years Ago According to Huffington Post

Current whale populations are not what they used to be according to a study published in the Huffington post.


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- According to the Huffington Post, a new study by researchers such as Elizabeth Alter, of City University of New York, York College focused on current whale populations and suggested their numbers were much larger even as little as 200 years ago.

Whales are a majestic animal but have experienced some danger due to people hunting them. In 2001, there were 684 whales killed, according to the non profit organization SoundNet. This epidemic is effecting oceans in the United States and raising awareness though wale watching tours or trips to local beaches is a great way to educate loved ones and friends.

How Can Residents Help?

By supporting your local whale watching companies, you can help to educate residents of these gentle giants. All activities provided by outdoor whale watching companies can be enjoyed by people old and young. It serves as a great bonding day out at sea with those you care about. Just in time for the holidays, one local vender named Davey's Locker has paired up with LivingSocial to feature a deal toward whale watching. Spend only $15 and enjoy a morning or afternoon out on the water seeing some of natures biggest, most graceful creatures as they migrate across the ocean. Currently in transition are the Grey Whales. With this each participant also receives one free beverage of choice whether alcoholic or not.

If whale watching is not of interest, Davey's Locker also offers deep sea fishing trips to families for half day (five hour excursions) or ¾ (full day excursions). If looking for a successful and enjoyable family fishing experience or solo, Davey's Locker is the service of choice. “You do not need to be an experienced fisherman to successfully catch fish. With experienced crew always nearby, any questions or help with rigging is immediately taken care of.” Catch a different species of fish with every outing. With fish ranging from 10lbs bass to 60lbs tuna there is a wide variety of fishing experiences to take part in.

If fishing with a large group isn't appealing, it is recommended that you fish with a close group of friends and navigate successfully with With the help of fishtrack, any fisherman or woman can view fishing forecasts, fishing maps and fishing charts for every fishing trip planned. Know where the fish are before stepping off the dock. Whether an amateur or a professional by subscribing to Fishtrack an avid fishing enthusiast can avoid mother natures set backs with timely, accurate updates of weather conditions and more.

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