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2013-2014: Worldwide Obesity Is a Cause for Major Concern


Avon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Obesity is a serious problem that plagues the adult and young population of the entire planet. There was a time in the 1600’s when obesity was a status symbol and considered a sign of prosperity and material well being. But later experience, advances in medical research, and general awareness have all combined to bring to the forefront the grave danger obesity and being overweight pose to the longevity and overall quality of life.

Obesity is a condition developed as a result of accumulation of excess body fat to an extent it may become a life threatening health issue. Obesity is mainly the end result of an individual’s life style. The consequences of obesity or excessive weight are much graver than most people would have thought.

Modern research has pinpointed that obesity is a very important factor in causing heart attacks, strokes, sleep apnea disorders, and Type 2 diabetes. All these are disorders that are life threatening and in the absence of effective medical intervention and administration, may lead to certain death. Besides serious physiological conditions, this can often cause psychological issues such as poor self-esteem and negative self-image.

Now that there is better awareness of the dangerous disease manifestations of carrying extra weight, the attitude of the public towards obesity has started to change gradually.  As a result, quite a number of specialists, consultants, and institutions that deal with obesity and obesity related diseases have increased their efforts in order to help stop or reverse this deadly trend as soon as possible.

Dr. Dion is a renowned weight loss specialist and anti-aging activist whose passion is serving his community and sharing advice while treating hundreds of patients needing to lose weight.  A major concern of a great many of overweight people is becoming healthier and fit and wondering if the program to lose weight and keep it off is too difficult to perform and incorporate into their busy life.

Dr. Dion presents 5 effective and easy ways to reduce over twenty pounds in your first month of your successful weight loss journey.

Dr. Dion explains in detail all there is to know about how to attain permanent weight loss without the trauma of surgeries, boring and tiring fad diets and medicines with dangerous side effects.

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About Dr. Dion
Dr. Dion is a weight loss specialist, anti-aging activist, chronic disease management consultant, chiropractic physician and an author. His work “Dr. Dion’s Essential Elements of Health and Fitness Vol. I” is an authority on the subject.

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