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2013 the New Era of Life on Earth: New Book Tells Compelling Story of Apocalypse & Future of Human Kind.


Galt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2013 -- While 2012 passed by without an end to the world in sight, many believe that humankind still needs to hear important information about its future. Nobody believes this more than California’s Nicklas Allen, who is today announcing the launch of his new book.

‘2013 The New Era of Life on Earth’ provides a compelling insight about the future of human kind on this planet.


The announcement of great discovery regarding the lost and confused situation we find in the world today. It looks at the quibbling that goes on between the groups of religion and science and points out that these groups are obviously not the solution, but rather they are the problem.

Religions don't agree with themselves and likewise science doesn't agree with itself and they surely don't agree with each other, but they are certainly keeping everyone good and confused and making good money while doing so. The sad part is that there is a solution and an understanding of the problem and it is this knowledge, this understanding that has the potential of bringing real change to mankind.

This book brings ideas that man has been led astray while a common enemy has terrorized the entire race for thousands of years and murder, war and mayhem have been the lot of men. This enemy has now been recognized and exposed and a method to battle it has been developed, but the success of this enemy has been greatly aided by the fact that people have no understanding or knowledge of it and so it goes on unchecked.

The first step toward this solution is education and that is getting the word out, it is vitally important that every human on this planet understands the information in this book as it is the only hope man has of keeping himself safe from the apocalypse scenarios so often pointed out in the Mayan scare of 2012.”

As the author explains, it is vital that everyone reads his book.

“The word apocalypse comes from the French word ‘apokalyptein’, which means to "uncover" or "reveal," and that is exactly what has happened here. A great unknown datum that has troubled men for a long time has been exposed and mans' knowledge of it will change the life of men greatly, but first he must gain the knowledge of it,” says Allen.

Continuing, “This book is the first in a series that will bring a greater understanding on this subject. This may seem unreal but, trust me, this is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill.

Critics praise Allen for his diligence in wanting to inform the world about vital events that could be on the horizon. Expected to be released to huge demand, interested readers are urged to purchase a copy while supplies last.

‘2013 The New Era of Life on Earth’, published by CreateSpace, is available from Amazon: http://amzn.to/133NSib

Go to Amazon.com and enter the title 2013 The New Era of Life on Earth.

The author lives in Galt, CA.