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2013 Worldwide Business Opportunity Launch - 18 Days to Go


Saint Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Being a part of one of the world’s biggest business opportunities event before its launch can be very profitable. Established by a group of multi millionaire Super Networkers who have already made their mark in the Network Marketing Industry or MLM, the World Prelaunch gives great business opportunities for people to start lucrative businesses with reputed companies.

The proprietors claim that getting into such a business can result in a monthly income crossing 6 digits. The World Prelaunch serves as a marketing platform where business magnets will be provided with opportunities to expand their business and build their own global team, regardless of the country their businesses are based in. Paraphrasing the words of the professional networkers group who realized the idea of the World Prelaunch – “By using our combined and extremely valuable experience of over 150 years, we have identified the core values, the true qualities to be successful and the capacity to seek out the rarest opportunities that can take us and our team to even greater heights in the industry. And that rare opportunity is the World Prelaunch”.

According to the reviews in Empowerment.com and World Prelaunch blogs, this is biggest huge MLM opportunity where a Network marketing business can join an established network of people and hit the pay dirt right from the start, while others try to figure out what to do. “After 12 months of insane working intensity and brainstorming, we came up with an idea of a unique network marketing system, incorporating the power of the internet and the uniqueness of a binary system and that is World Prelaunch” says the Super Networkers group.

“The group evaluated a few Direct Selling Companies for the past 2 years studying their vision, their payment plans and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses which helped them uncover the World Prelaunch” as per reviews. The World Prelaunch will be on March 18th this year which means its only 18 days till the launch. To know more about what World Prelaunch is, its compensation plans and how to join it, visit their website or www.blog.worldprelaunch.com.

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