2014 Low Cost Business Ideas Includes Professional Organizer


Avon, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Starting a new business requires two things: a strong work ethic and capital.  Stepping out on your own to start the business means you have the first thing down, but the second does present some problems for many.  Fortunately, there are a few 2014 low cost business ideas that require little capital to get them up and running.

“Capital, money, is something many struggle to find when starting a business.  You will still have overhead, bills and the like to pay out before you begin to turn a profit.  Fortunately, there are a few businesses that have low initial investment,” said Sandy McQueen of

One such business is a professional organizer.  There are a myriad of personal organizing services available on the Internet; plus, it is an area that many people will find very helpful in their personal and professional lives.

A professional organizer helps people organize anything from a closet to business files.  The great thing about being a professional organizer is there is not much in the way of overhead or specialized training to get started.  There is certification available through the National Organization of Professional Organizers which can add a degree of validity to your new profession.

“Anytime you can get certification in a job, this will help you with finding new and additional work.  This profession is very much customer-driven advertising.  Having a certification plus referrals will definitely work in your favor,” said McQueen.

The best possible organizers can command salaries of over $100.00 an hour, while those who are starting may command $20.00 or more.  It is likely best to work by the job and not the hour as you begin.  The outlook for this is a good one, particularly next year where many will be looking for 2014 low cost business ideas .  Visit for more information on other work-from-home opportunities.

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