2014 Poll: What Drives Trucker's to Find New Jobs

Recent poll confirms ‘pay’ as top motive


Tuscaloosa, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- All truck driving jobs have benefits amongst other jobs, but sometimes the idiosyncrasies can drive people insane, making driver’s want to look for new employment. This is especially true when the promises made initially are not kept or when pay is affected. There are many reasons why employees would be driven to find a new job, but the most common ones involve long waits to unload, poorly maintained trucks, not enough time at home, and unexpected variations in pay.

Job Security
When these instances occur drivers may feel job security is at risk. It may seem like employees are being cheated after carrying out the duties of the job. Sometimes these things can't be avoided and mistakes are inevitable; but when it occurs on a consistent basis, it may be time to reconsider whether to continue or truck on.

Poll Results
According to a national EveryTruckJob.com poll, over 1,000 truckers were asked “What drives you nuts enough to look for a new job?” Not surprisingly, salary issues came in at 24.78% ranking this ongoing issue at the top of the list. Coming in at a very close second stealing 23.89% of the votes, is unpredictability or little home time. Long waits to unload, mechanical issues and unavailable dispatching came in at the third, fourth and fifth important issues in the trucking industry, respectively. According to drivers comments “not enough miles”, “no communication” and “poor paying loads” are also major concerns which compel truckers to search for another job.

Long Waits to Unload/Salary Issues

Long waits can also put a damper on the job. Waiting to unload means not being paid and the longer the waiting time, the more money is lost. Above all, not knowing when one will be home is probably the biggest reason why truck drivers look for new jobs. The road is long and hard and nothing can help relieve the stress and exhaustion from driving like a weekend at home with the family.

Many reputable companies pay special attention to the maintenance of trucks, because it is in essence the factor that will determine income. Because of this, it is in best interests to keep trucks in top shape, an investment that can shorten down times and breakdowns on the road.

Mechanical Issues
When a company does not invest any time and money into trucks, mechanical issues are brought to the forefront enabling engine failure and unsafe vehicles. This alone is enough to force anybody out of the business, looking for a new career.

After reading comments from poll takers, it has been concluded that many drivers claim that dispatchers tend to “lie” while giving information regarding the load. While doing further research, a forum from Expeditersonline.com discussed that the majority of dispatchers don’t generally lie, but tend to omit certain information which comes off as a lie. One post stated that “…they’ll lie to you if it gets them to the resolution of the problem quicker, but for the most part there’s nothing for dispatchers to lie about, no reason to.” Another post gave an example of a lie by omission stating, “I have this great load going from Chicago to Los Angeles, do ya want it?" and might forget to say, "Oh yeah, the load doesn’t pick up until 4 days from now and delivers the week after next.” There is a “…load that is going to make the company money and they need to get it covered.”

Bottom line, errors happen, time is lost and unpredictability is a given. The best bet is to go out and find a different truck driving job, which can provide the satisfaction and peace of mind a well run company can give. When being alone on the road the only things to depend on are sanity and a great truck to drive.

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