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2015 CIA World Expo Successfully Concludes at Milan


Alessandria, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2015 -- With participants from over 130 countries from all around the globe the 2015 CIA Expo at Milan recently came to an end after five months where more than 30 million visitors were given the platform to share their ideas and strategies to one another. This year's Expo was held on the theme "Feeding the planet, energy for life". It was reported that citizens, international institutions, experts, and scientists exchanged ideas on topics and issues ranging from food security, lifestyles, education, proper use of natural resources, innovation in agriculture and farming, etc.

Cristina Chirico, who was the project coordinator of the Expo 2015 remarked, "Visitors and participants were involved in thematic tours and gained insights about food and also got the chance to learn the different cultures, traditions, and customs of the nations that participated in the event."

She added, "This event was the first time where Italy was on spotlight for a huge network of international amalgamation of nations. Our farmers showcased the current development in every field of agriculture and the incorporation of innovation which has been vital for this advancement. The Expo conducted thematic studies, education, meetings for business, special initiatives for supply chains, culture and food, and a host of other topics."

She also revealed that one of the main objectives of Italian Farmers' Confederation was to showcase the 'made in Italy' brand so as to reach out Italian products to a greater audience.

According to sources, the CIA was created in order to promote the initiatives of the Italian farmers, creative young minds as well as to help transform regional agricultural systems and industries. The association is a convergence of unions, institutions, societies, private firms, and individual whose focus is on food security, environmental protection, health, social security, farm, organic farming, training, insurance, technical advice, for assisting in the progress of the nation.

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Confederation of Italian Agriculture Alessandria is a unit of the Italian Farmers' Confederation who work for the unity of the representative associations of Italian agriculture. The organization is focused on economic globalization, and in maintaining peace, mutual respect, and human rights.

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