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2016 Is Set to Be the Year of More Sporting Hobbies Than Ever Before: Just BB Guns Comments


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2016 -- A report in the Wall Street Journal has drawn attention to the benefits of an active hobby or recreation; especially important as increasing numbers of people are expected to take up sports in 2016, as part of a New Year's resolution. One featured study showed that physical leisure activities at a health club contributed to higher levels of happiness as well as working against aging. Another highlighted that pleasurable physical leisure activities, if followed regularly, can contribute to lower levels of depression. This emphasizes that interactive and engaging sport activities are an important part of a healthy lifestyle: something industry expert Just bb Guns was keen to comment on.

A sporting hobby provides an important mode of recreation, therefore allowing the mind to relax from the pressures of a working routine and can improve fitness. Set to play a prominent role in 2016 are airsoft sports; where replica firearms are used to shoot pellets, as part of target practice or skirmishing.

Popularity is expected as not only is it exciting, but activities such as target practice develop crucial skills and bodily awareness such as balance, posture and aim. Eager to comment was Just bb Guns, a prime provider of airsoft equipment and an expert in the industry:

"A number of studies indicate the importance of taking up a sporting activity or hobby that keeps you active: and New Year is a time better than ever to try something new! A great sport to get involved with is airsoft. Not only does using an airsoft or bb gun develop your own skills, but it can be part of interactive team play such as skirmishing. There are prospects for everyone and it's exciting too."

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