The Wright Place

2018 Entrepreneur's Media Planning Workshop

How to Become a Household Name in 2018


Rancho Cucamonga, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2017 -- Being the best-kept secret is not good for any business or professional. With smaller and smaller adverting budgets, it can be hard for a new business owner to outspend more established companies to get in front of potential clients. When you are well known or have business celebrity, it allows you to charge more and get clients who are dedicated to being successful. It makes sales easier and helps your enterprise grow faster.

Dr. Letitia Wright from The Wright Place TV Show has spent 17 years helping people become a coveted name brand. "When no one knows who you are, it does not matter how good your products and services are; they won't buy them. If they can see you in the media and other contexts then they will be more inclined to buy from you," says Dr. Wright. Her no-cost workshop on December 27th will focus on planning media and exposure for your business in 2018.

"No need to leave it to chance," says Dr. Wright. The professionals who make the most money, take time to make sure they name is in front of potential clients all the time. Being in front of clients before they need you is the best way to get new clients."

The one-hour workshop will focus on the places that Dr. Wright feels you can get the most exposure to your potential clients. "Being focused on your clients and the types of media they consume will be important. That's the easiest way to stay in front of your perfect client. By using the outlets that your tribe enjoys, you remain relevant in the market." says. Dr. Wright. The no-cost workshop will focus on finding those outlets that help business owners.

To register for the no-cost workshop on December 27th at 6 pm go to 2018 Fame Workshop.