2022 Hiring and Recruitment Trends


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2022 -- Key hiring and recruitment trends provide vital insight into where executive recruitment is going in 2022. Executive search and leadership talent specialists Leathwaite are focused on supporting companies in finding future leaders - and using all available tools to help achieve this. This year we're likely to see specificity much more of a priority, with success rates higher thanks to the use of AI, data and analytics and assessment tools. It's going to be key for businesses to start using more tech-driven recruitment tools and to focus on skills-based hiring, where relevant experience is as important as a CV full of skills and qualifications. In an employee's market developing the employee value proposition is a big trend this year, with organisations updating policies, messaging and benefits so that they are reflective of values and priorities. Equally as important will be a focus on diversity, equality and inclusion. Greater leverage for employees also means that they are likely to have much more influence when it comes to salary negotiations.

Creating meaningful change through exceptional people is at the heart of what Leathwaite does and the firm's focus is to help businesses optimise hiring and executive recruitment trends for 2022. Diversity, for example, is a priority goal for many Leathwaite clients thanks to the positive impact it can have on culture and results. The firm works to help businesses nurture diverse global leadership talent, by sourcing and appraising inclusive candidate shortlists that complement existing recruiting processes. Finding the best candidates with the best expertise and experience also requires innovative technology and strategy, as well as an awareness of the balance of interests in the market today - both areas where Leathwaite is able to support.

Leathwaite's highly experienced team handles executive recruitment across a range of industry sectors. Domain specialist search teams ensure that support in areas such as executive search is expert and insight-driven. The team brings 20 years' dedicated experience in finding C-Suite and director level permanent leadership solutions to the table, delivered by around 100 staff spread across six international locations. The process begins with an in-depth briefing - Leathwaite will spend time with as many stakeholders as possible during this stage, to build a true picture of soft and hard skill requirements, company culture, and the qualities a successful candidate needs. After market research, the Leathwaite Clarity Assessment Model is used to assess candidate suitability before individuals can progress to interview and offer - the team is there providing support and insight every step of the way.

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