2022 Road Ahead for Executive Recruitment


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2022 -- Executive recruitment has undergone significant shifts over the past couple of years, whether those relate to the pandemic or internal sector change. In particular, a large proportion of executive recruitment now takes place in a virtual environment. While COVID-19 may be largely under control, there are clear benefits to more virtual hiring processes, from cost to convenience and the opportunity to really get to know candidates on a deeper level. Convenience is an especially significant benefit and more virtual interviewing has seen fewer attendance fails at first interviews, as it's much easier to find time in a busy schedule to attend a virtual meeting. The road ahead for executive recruitment is one focused on diversity - and the more virtual nature of hiring today makes it easier to achieve this. There are many tools to help remove inherent biases from the early stages of an interview process when it is virtual, for example, and virtual interviews can be easier to fit around caring or childcare commitments.

Over the past three years Leathwaite has helped clients to achieve 41% gender diverse hires and to access a much more diverse pool of senior talent. However, the firm's diversity goals don't end at the sourcing, advising and connecting clients with a diverse network of global leadership talent. Leathwaite has also made internal diversity commitments that reflect how highly this objective is valued. Diversity and inclusion is a core agenda topic across the firm and an internal inclusion council is tasked with continually improving the firm's approach to diversity. This is a commitment that yields far-reaching results, for the firm and the firm's clients. In 87% of assignments, Leathwaite clients have interviewed ethnically and/or gender diverse candidates.

Leathwaite delivers top-quality recruitment services, globally. Key to being a global leader in executive recruitment is the firm's global network that includes team members in Dallas, Hong Kong, London, New York, Toronto and Zurich. The team understands that search is not just about finding the right people but also those who will be able to facilitate future growth. They have a keen understanding of the skills and attributes that make exceptional leaders, and how those individuals can create the culture and conditions for success within a business.

Andy Wallace, Managing Partner said: "Creating more diversity at the top should be a priority for all businesses. I see our role as a crucial part of that change in helping business leaders find the very best diverse talent that will deliver exceptional results".

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